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On the nature of limbs
Publication Details
London, John Van Voorst, 1849
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
Copyright & Usage
Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

lines 9—6 score
lines 9—8 underline "essentiality ... form"
lines 2—1 underline "Primal ... for"
from End Slip annotation 2.    The primal pattern of all the modifications of a part

lines 16—18 score
line 17 underline "special homology"

bottom-margin apparently unintentional mark

lines 5—1 score
from End Slip annotation 9. Man does not trammel himself in his inventions by any common type

lines 1—3 score
from End Slip annotation 13 Capital comparison of hand of Mole, Bat & Fin    ■

[continues overleaf] lines 15—12 double score
lines 4—2 score
from End Slip annotation 13 Capital comparison of hand of Mole, Bat & Fin    ■

lines 6—8 score
lines 7—8 underline "commonly"
line 10 crossing-out "4"
line 10 annotation 5
line 10 underline "is usually"
from End Slip annotation 35 Abortion of one toe variable in Ourang

line 22 underline "lepidosiren"
lines 9—23 annotation In all these cases th tibia & fibula, shows that thy are simple by abortion & it is rash to argue from, abut original simplicity of limb—
from End Slip annotation 45. Horses legs & Lepidosiren good contrast of simplicity frm abortion & original

lines 23—24 {
lines 13—25 annotation apparenly aboriginal simplicity.
show subjects subjects

lines 6—2 score
lines 6—4
line 3 underline "rudiment"
from End Slip annotation 45 Only rudiment of Pelvis in Whales — 78 rudimental limbs in Boa

bottom-margin annotation The contrast between the 8 almost singly serial bones of Horses leg. (p 8) & appendage of Lepidosiren good instance of ‹real› rudimentary & primeval «or transitory» stage

lines 10—14 score
line 10 underline "return ... it"
lines 10—12 annotation !
lines 12—13 underline "development ... point"
lines 16—18 score
show subjects subjects

lines 7—9 double score
lines 7—9 [
lines 12—17 score
from End Slip annotation 86    Alludes in grandiloquent sentence to some law governig progression, guided by archetypal light — &c.—
show subjects subjects

lines 14—11 score
lines 14—11 annotation ?
lines 8—4 score
from End Slip annotation    103 on variability of coalesence of segmnts of Vertebrae.—
show subjects subjects