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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
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deleted pinholes visible line connects passages
« » inserted count up from last line ÷* long division
Annotation Not Available

top-margin annotation not in Darwin's handin brown ink A Monsieur Ch. D[damaged: ripped] Témoinage d'Estime, l'auteur Ch. Naudin

bottom-margin in brown ink Nouvelles Archives du ‹Musm› Muséum
     Tom I . p 25 .
show subjects concepts

lines 5—3 score

lines 2—6 double score

[continues overleaf] lines 8—4 score
lines 9—4 annotation First generation flowers of both colour & panachee

[continuation] 1 underline "bandes ... pourpres"
lines 2—3 underline "quelquefois ... couleurs"

lines 1—14 score
line 3 underline "deux"
line 7 underline "un cependant"
line 10 underline "dix-sept fleurs"
line 13 underline "un ... maturité"
lines 10—18 annotation given in full in Chapt 27 on Pangenesis

lines 10—1 double score
lines 9—6 annotation Pangenesis
show subjects subjects

lines 7—10 double score

lines 4—1 score

lines 15—20 score

lines 3—1 score

lines 5—7 score
top-marginline 8 annotation ? yet most distinct species

line 15 underline "fleurs ... fertiles"
annotation !!

lines 9—2 double score
lines 8—3 annotation action of pollen good — like Hildebrand's facts

lines 7—13 score
line 13 underline "influence ... annihilée"

[continues overleaf] lines 8—7 score
lines 8—7 annotation like my Sweet pea— case
     Ch. X

lines 6—2 underline "trois ... productrices"
line 5 underline in blue crayon "beaucoup de fruits"
line 1 underline in blue crayon "par moitiés"
line 7bottom-margin

[continuation] 1—3 score
line 1 underline in blue crayon "qu'un quart"
line 2 annotation laevis
lines 4—6 score
lines 9—10 score
line 9 underline "hybridité disjointe"

lines 1—6 annotation He does not say th seed was separated, only other capsules produced th two forms

lines 13—9 score

lines 10—7 score

lines 6—4 score
lines 15—4 annotation Sweet Pea
     Polyanthus & Cowslip one of grandchildren returned to pure Cowslip.— !!!!t01
t01 - `Polyanthus & ... !!!!' vertically crossed

lines 8—17 score

lines 3—1 score

lines 4—1 score in dark pencil

line 8bottom-margin annotation He admits that L vulgaris grew near !! & yet advances the case as one of Reversion—
     He never counts seeds! { Seeds were forgotten «& other neglegences» & never apparently protected from inscts
     Careless experiments in every way.—

lines 12—14 score

lines 7—3 score
lines 7—3 annotation colours not blended

lines 8—22 score
show subjects subjects

lines 12—17 score
show subjects subjects

lines 3—6 score
line 5 underline "pas ... embryonée"

lines 17—20 score

[continues overleaf] lines 12—1 score

[continuation] 8—14 score

lines 9—11 score
line 13 underline "la ... année"
lines 13—14 annotation crossed with common none were peloric

lines 11—8 double score
line 9 underline "cinq ... égaux"
lines 8—7 double score
lines 8—7 underline "alors ... présence"

lines 14—15 underline "l'hybridité ... ovules"
lines 14—15 annotation confirmed

lines 8—11 score
line 10 underline "un ... ovaire"

lines 15—13 score
lines 11—9 score
lines 8—7 score

lines 5—2 score

lines 6—2 double score
lines 6—4 underline "car ... vertu"

lines 3—8 score

lines 6—9 score
lines 6—7 underline "une ... génération"

lines 9—5 score
lines 9—7 annotation Reciprocal Hybrids like each other

line 6 underline "intermédiaires"
line 7 underline "immense majorité des"
lines 8—9 underline "intermédiaires ... espèces"
line 18 underline "c'est ... tort"
line 19 underline "au ... père"

lines 12—14 underline "dont ... espèce"
lines 11—12 annotation prepotent species

lines 6—4 underline "la ... hybrides"

lines 7—3 double score
line 8bottom-margin annotation If so this pollen of a hybrid placed on ‹a third› one of parents or on third species wd give widely differnt results frm Hybrid fertilised by th same.—

line 1 underline in brown ink "deux essences"
show subjects concepts

lines 10—16 underline "L'hybride ... Adami"
lines 10—11 annotation Pangenesis
from End Slip annotation in brown ink p. 151— Pangenesis— good on Hybrids being a living ‹mosacc›t01 «mosaic»t02 of 2 species & on specific essence «of each» ( this is vague term ) beng acumulated & self-[?]attenuated either in ovules or pollen—
t01 - deleted in pencil
t02 - `mosaic' in pencil
show subjects subjects

line 16bottom-margin

lines 19—14 score
lines 12—8 score
lines 7—4 double score

lines 12—14 score
lines 16—21 score

[continues overleaf] lines 13—8 score
lines 4—1 score

[continuation] 1—4 score

lines 4—1 score
line 4 annotation laevis close

lines 9—14 score
from End Slip annotation in brown ink 161    Definition of a species—

lines 15—18 score
from End Slip annotation in brown ink 161    Definition of a species—

lines 6—3 score
from End Slip annotation in brown ink 161    Definition of a species—