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Lake Superior: its character, vegetation, and animals, compared with those of other similar regions
Publication Details
Boston, Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1850
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
Copyright & Usage
Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

annotation (1

annotation 33 Gar-pike-Ganoid of F.W. in N. America

annotation 34 Another rather ancient Fish in F.W.
show subjects subjects

annotation 36 on lowness. because like Embryo.

annotation 150 .On analogy of recent of N. America & Miocene of Europe

annotation 175 List of F.W. Plants of Lake Superior; I doubt whether any use
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annotation ‹187› 193 On ant. & post. extremities of th Bat, being alike at early age — so in Birds
show subjects subjects

annotation 195 on relation of embryology to geolog. succession.

annotation 198 on order in Cephalopods — Nautilus simplest
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annotation 239 — On entomology of ‹N. America› L. Superior — No. American forms.— a common Fauna with N. Europe & N. Asia — species different, but most close (Mem. Kirby thought same) admit identity in Arctic, & most close analogues in L. Superior.

annotation 240 on greater range of aquatic Beetles.
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annotation 247 F. Water animals under similar latitudes are uniform as vegetation

annotation (2

annotation [illegible word]› 252 On embryonic forms «fish» not deserving a separate cla■ss.
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annotation 255 Ganoids &c in ■F.W.
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annotation 257. on impossibility of making groups of equal value

annotation 260 Reptilian character of Ganoid, “enbodying prospective view of another class”
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annotation 265 on Families intermediate in character & in space or position .

annotation 285. Excellent case of Percopsis of Chalk, which combined characters, which soon diverged, intermediate between Ctenoids & Cycloids.

annotation 289. Hardly one Family in which some species are not both marine & F.W.

annotation 292 — case of variability in a Perch, good as frm Agassiz

annotation horizontally crossed 317. Esox boreus is made distinct by Agassiz
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annotation 327. Accounts for uniformity of Salmonidae by uniformity of conditions
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annotation 352 Range of Cyprinoids p 363
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annotation 374 All F W. Fish of N. America distinct.
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annotation (3

annotation 375 . On F.W. Fish being analogous with those of Eurpe & Asi■a.

annotation 377 on shoals created as■ shoals
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annotation p. 13.
     p. 34
     p 141■    ■ ■
     p 142
     p. 150
     p. 154
     p. 186
     p. 192 to 200 }    ■
     p. 239    ■
     p. 240
     p 241t01
     p. 246
     p 252
     p. 255 to 377
t01 - `p 241' in pale pencil
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annotation p. 406 .Scratches .
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