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The fruits and fruit trees of America
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London, Wiley & Putnam, 1845
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

annotation Catalogue of Books
     p. VIII ■    ■
show subjects concepts

annotation p 10 to 12
     p 55
     60, 9    ■
     106    ■
     116, 9
     130, 4
     150, 3, 6, 8
     161 , 171
     176,    ■
     192,—    ■
     195, 6, 8
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annotation { Does Thompson give origin of Fruit Varieties
     D    It is important as showing what a small things makes variation. is th sporting from true kind, when grafted.
show subjects subjects

annotation 202
     215, 6
     252, 4, 6, 9.
     260, 3, 5
     280, 4
     304, 7
     310, 12, 17
     317, 29
     356 , 8
     396, 99
     419 ,21, 22
     447, 8
     460 to 5 →
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annotation p. 469
     470, ‹3 to› 502
     524, 25, 31
     542, 7
     553, 7
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annotation p 5 — On fruit-trees not being true, when grafted — Good
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annotation 8. Facts against. Van. M. viz old var. producing good plants

annotation 9. Crossed apple with fruit different at 2 ends
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annotation 60. Evry district has its fruit best adapted to it. (Mem: Chinese)
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annotation 75. A marked American Apple
show subjects subjects
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annotation 116 Italian tende■r apple — Several hardy ones mentioned as Count of Wick «& p.124» — Several sub-vars mentioned «as (p.130) several Reinettes &c»

annotation 150 Difference in hardiness in Almonds p473 in Peaches t01 p488 do    Raspberries p.517 — Strawberrs p.533
t01 - underlined in reddish-brown crayon
show subjects concepts

annotation 157 Hardy apricot
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation 176 American Cherry    p. 184
show subjects subjects

annotation in dark brown ink «192 Sporting cherry»
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation 195. Cluster Cherry; a flower has several pistils & each produces a fruit — Flemish peculiar Cherry

annotation in dark brown ink «198 a var. of Cherry liable to attack of insects more thn oth vars .»
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation 220 Mildew stops culture of Grapes in U.S

annotation 248 The wild native vines differ in quality p.253, p 254, 259 | p.261. do. vars of wild Hiccory
show subjects subjects

annotation 256 A cross between old world & new world Grape

annotation 270 Purple Plums much most attacked by certain diseases, never yellow vars.
show subjects subjects

annotation    Many ‹p› vars . of Plums raised in America p 289, 292 & Peaches t01 p.469
t01 - underlined in reddish-brown crayon

annotation 284— Siamese Plum — attached together on one stalk
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation 304 Grups of Orleans Plums, wher known to have descended — many plum hereditary
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

annotation 317 Pears not native, many vars — Pliny says ‹not› heavy most only good when cooked
show subjects subjects

annotation 422 Washington , a vry distinct pear discovered in Hedge
show subjects subjects

annotation in reddish-brown crayon | 462 The Yellow disease originating with American Peaches .466 Yellow Peaches much «most affected»
show subjects subjects

annotation 470 Classification of Peaches by glands on leaves & serration & size of Flower —
show subjects subjects

annotation 476 Most Peaches either free or clingstones ,but one is on same tree alwys ‹either›t01 «both»t02 cling or free XX «(scores of instances cd be «given of this»
t01 - deleted in dark brown ink
t02 - `both' in dark brown ink

annotation 492 Some Peaches vry variable by seed, others constant & so it was with Plums
show subjects subjects

annotation 501 Smooth-skinned fruit destroyed by Curculios
show subjects subjects

annotation ☞ over
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annotation 502. Nectarine frm Peach & now true by seed
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annotation 525 on selection turnng Hautbois hermaphrdite
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annotation 553 .Northern Apples will not do in Southern States
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annotation 262 Walnuts
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annotation Catalogue of Books at Beginning p. viii
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