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Das Abändern der Vögel durch Einfluss des Klima's
Publication Details
Breslau, August Schulz & Co, 1833
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
Copyright & Usage
Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Contributed by Cambridge University Library
Annotation Not Available

annotation in pale pencil Only skimmed, vry poor Book all Assertion

annotation Graba's Ornith Voyage Feroe

annotation p. 42
     p. 44
     p 69t01
     p. 74, 75
t01 - `p. 44 ... 69' in dark pencil
t02 - `89 ... 98' in dark pencil
t03 - `138' in dark pencil
show subjects concepts

annotation 23    tints of plumage vary with Climate

annotation 69    Nillsson on variation of Beak in Tetrao saliceti.    (Q)

annotation 70. many short-tailed birds have 1 or 2 pair of extra-caudal. (as Kingfisher) can this be compensation or rudimentary.
     (allude when I talk of ‹important› organs being few & not variable.—)
show subjects subjects

annotation 69 References to Bruch's papers. (I have read)
show subjects concepts

annotation 74    on changes of Ducks wings & feet, tamed «& Geese accordng Bruch»

annotation 103 on spreading of sparrows with cultivation in Russia
show subjects subjects

annotation 143 corvus of Faroe & C. cornix

annotation Appendix systematics at end on doubtful specis

annotation 157 on Tetrao saliceti & scoticus beng same species (Q)

annotation 722. on variability of Head & Beak

annotation    Brehm made some of his species frm single specimens & dry specimens.

annotation 722.    Colymbus 18 or 20 tail feathers
show subjects subjects

annotation 731    Beak & length of ‹wings› «promnncs» in Anser segetum variable — so it is with domestic geese
show subjects subjects

annotation 733 tail feathers increase in number in Colymbus with age
show subjects subjects

annotation in dark brown ink Is Anser segetum supposed parnt of domestic goose.—
show subjects concepts

annotation Bruch in Isis 1828 Band XXI

annotation ----------------

annotation do    Isis 1829    Band XXII

annotation p. 629    Caudals increase with age. varialbe in Anser segetum — lines 16—20 !
show subjects subjects

annotation ----------------

annotation p.152 . on th Sparrow Ch. 4
show subjects concepts