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Book Title
An introduction to the Trochilidae, or family of humming-birds
Publication Details
London, Taylor & Francis, 1861
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
Copyright & Usage
Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

Copyright Status:
In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

top-margin annotation Chas Darwin Esq F.R.S.
     With the Authors kind Regards
     4th. Octr 1861.

annotation p. 7.    Humming Birds vry confined ranges.
show subjects subjects

annotation 8.    Juan Fernandez    p. 141
show subjects subjects

annotation 9.    West Indies distinct species.
show subjects subjects

annotation 14,t01 17. 18. } Gret sexual differences: «given» t02 exhibition of ‹p 20 nest› «p. 20» nest ornamented with feathers .
t01 - `14,' horizontally crossedin pencil
t02 - `« given' in pencil

annotation horizontally crossedin pencil 22    singing & beauty not together

annotation p. 20    nest    loaded with Stone to make Heavy & keep level

annotation in pencil «28 pugnacity»

annotation p. 35. Sexual ‹difference›t01 «Similarity .»t02
t01 - deleted in pencil
t02 - `Similarity .' in pencil

annotation in pencil 49 Males Shafts of feathers expanded in ♂

annotation 52.    do females in excesst01
t01 - `females in excess' in pencil
show subjects concepts

annotation «64 &»t01 67    do female more beautiful gorget than malet02
     75 dot03
t01 - `64 &' in pencil
t02 - `do female ... male' in pencil
t03 - `do' in pencil

annotation 120    dot01 over 20 males to 1 femle— male vy gorgeous.—
t01 - `do' in pencil

annotation Mr G. ‹seems› «says he has» never noticed vars; but then he admit som slight individual variations & if he find 2 forms for 2 district ever so slightly differt, thy are called species.— In th same district at same time, seen to be similar
     variation hardy can occur;    --------→ [to end-note 1, `61 var']
show subjects subjects

annotation    ----

annotation State— as thes Grups hav been carefully monogrphed — & also confined to warm part of one Continent, good to consider ‹ha› what amnt of doubtful species were offered — Then state within same region could hardy vary. on accnt of crossing —

annotation All references seem here abstracted. Those not struck out, all refer to slight variations & doubtful species.—
     No doubt mny of th doubtful species could be cleared up by more specimens.—

annotation horizontally crossed 141
     146 var
     158 var
     161 var
     164 do
     167 do
     170 do
     174 do
     do177, 8 do
show subjects concepts

annotation 174 tips of 4 central tail feathers, tipped with dark green

annotation Mem vast nmbers of species are known by only few specn.

annotation would it not be worth while to quote all thes cases of doubt —
     State that many of th doubtful forms would be cleared up. & considered distinct , on othr hand others would be connected by intermdiate gradation.

annotation [right-hand side] 7
     Vars & close species.
t01 - `7 ... 52' vertically crossed

annotation 61 var
     62 do
show subjects concepts

annotation vertically crossed 67
show subjects concepts

annotation 74 ‹do› close species
     83 do
show subjects concepts

annotation 86 var
     89 var
     91 var
     98 do
     102 do
     106 do
     109 do
     112 do
     116 do
     118 do
show subjects concepts

annotation horizontally crossed 120 126 } Salviae
show subjects subjects

annotation 127 var
     129 var
     136 var
     138 var
show subjects concepts