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Zur Speciesfrage
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Haarlem, De Erven Loosjes, 1875
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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annotation     All abstracted
show subjects concepts

annotation    p. 53 Papaver somniferm self-fertile
show subjects subjects

annotation    p 66    On Causes of variation «& range» of Viola lutea «& tricolor»

annotation    11    Adonis aestivalis self-fertilised protandrous
show subjects subjects

annotation    Look over, some refernc for Good for crossng Book

annotation p 4    What he considers evidence of specific form    ! p 27

annotation 7    causes of variability
show subjects concepts

annotation 8    Reversion
show subjects concepts

annotation 17    on th forms of Anagallis «blue & red arvensis» cd not cross them !
show subjects subjects

annotation —22    Range of    & differences of —
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