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Example: Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus
Example: Birds, Classification, Mammals
Contributed by Cambridge University Library
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Annotation Not Available

line 3
line 3 score [`bookmark']

lines 1—6 score
lines 12—13 underline "dem ... seyn"
lines 5—10 annotation approximate Colour
show subjects subjects

line 6 underline "nur ... Generationen"
from End Slip annotation 10    on Heredetary colour of Horses; when forefathers for some generations of same colour, more easily transmitted.    p. 94
show subjects subjects

lines 10—8 unmarked
lines 2—1 score
line 1 underline "S. 87"
bottom-margin annotation / colour of forefather appearing easier in colts
from End Slip annotation 10    on Heredetary colour of Horses; when forefathers for some generations of same colour, more easily transmitted.    p. 94

top-marginline 5 annotation Horses of different breeding establishmts of different colour
show subjects subjects

table col 3 underline "Goldfuchs"
table col 3 annotation Chesnt
table col 3 underline "Hellfuchs"
table col 3 annotation D
table col 3 "Goldfalb"
table col 3 annotation Dun
top-margin annotation in pencil Chesnut apper whn neith parnt chesnut

line 12 annotation X
show subjects concepts

table col 1 at "Goldfuchs" annotation Chesnt
show subjects subjects

table col 3 at "Mausrapp" annotation Xt01 (Qt02
t01 - `X' in reddish-orange crayon
t02 - `(Q' in brown ink
show subjects subjects

table annotation cases of new colours appearng
show subjects subjects

lines 7—8 underline "braunen ... Braun"
lines 7—11 score
lines 7—11 annotation brown mare alwys bore chesnut foals
show subjects subjects

line 17 underline "Mausrappen"
line 17 underline "Braunen"
lines 15—17 annotation Qt01 Xt02
lines 16—19 annotation Mouse-black frm black & brown
t01 - `Q' in brown ink
t02 - `X' in reddish-orange crayon
show subjects subjects

lines 4—2 score
@lines 4—2 annotation piebald
show subjects subjects

lines 8—11 score
lines 1—6 annotation (not so with horses)
from End Slip annotation 15 on crossing of animals of 2 colours & offspring taking after one or other    (N.Q)
show subjects subjects

lines 13—15 score
line 15 underline "oder ... schwierig"
lines 15—16 underline "Weisse ... erzeugen"
lines 16—17 underline "nicht ... Beobachtung"
line 19 underline "bestätigt ... soll"
line 20 underline "nur ... graue"
lines 21—23 underline "die ... schwarz"
lines 8—11 annotation like Hollyocks
show subjects subjects

line 1 annotation X
show subjects concepts

lines 6—11 annotation Great tendency (without white young destroyed) for all animals to become white —

lines 7—8 annotation Mulattos smell like negros.

lines 9—4 score
lines 9—4 annotation odours of different parts of body hereditary

line 4 underline "Rheumatismen ... Catarrhen"

lines 5—3 score
lines 11—2 annotation when both parents fat young fat very early.

line 16 score
line 16 underline "Deutsche ... polnische"
show subjects subjects

lines 12—16 annotation great strength hereditary

lines 3—1 unmarked
bottom-margin annotation Genius not hereditary — [How many qualities together make Genius!]

lines 9—13 unmarked
line 7 underline "Bach ... 50"
line 6 underline "Bernouilli"
lines 3—13 annotation Hereditary genius

line 8 underline "Handschrift"
lines 6—15 annotation handwriting hereditary
from End Slip annotation 34 on handwriting heredetary (Q)t01
t01 - `(Q)' in dark grey ink

line 4 underline "Brugnone"
lines 1—7 score
lines 4—7 annotation recommends starting horse not to be bred from.

lines 14—22 annotation cross of pointer & shepherd dog, after many generations when become like sheep dog still pointed birds

line 3bottom-margin annotation short sight heredetary (produced by manner of life)

lines 8—10 annotation diseases of eye hereditary in horses.
show subjects subjects

line 9 underline "Grösse ... Geschlechtstheile"

line 7 underline "leicht ... gebären"
lines 8—7 annotation facility of birth hereditary

lines 1—2 score
lines 1—4 annotation 20 female cats for one male
show subjects subjects
show subjects concepts

line 15 annotation X
show subjects concepts

lines 5—9 unmarked
top-marginline 13 annotation sex of plants influenced by conditions

lines 14—13 score
lines 2—1 score
from End Slip annotation 83 of Hybrid «(N.Q)» canaries «Birds» propagating for 4 generations: inter se?    ‹Q›

line 8 score
line 8 annotation genera
line 7 annotation year —

lines 14—13 score
line 14 underline "Perlhahn"
line 13 underline "Haushenne"
line 12 underline "Jungen der"

lines 6—11 score
line 6 underline "Absicht ... Grösse"
lines 10—11 underline "Junge ... Zebra"
lines 6—13 annotation hybrids of one kind resemble father & of other kind, mother

line 9 annotation X
show subjects concepts

lines 2—1 scoret01
line 3bottom-margin annotation Fineness Hairt02 after father
t01 - `m' in pencil
t02 - `Hair' in pencil

lines 8—9 underline "Den ... Vater"
line 11 underline "Den ... Mutter"
line 13 underline "Die ... Vater"
line 15 underline "Mutter ... Ohren"
line 18 underline "Schweif"
line 18 annotation tail
line 18 underline "väterlichen"
line 23 underline "Schweif"
line 23 underline "Mutter"

lines 2—4 score

lines 6—11 score
line 11 underline "7:2"
line 12 underline "3:1"
line 13 underline "16:3"
lines 8—9 underline "Zahl ... überwiegt"
show subjects concepts

lines 3—4 score

line 14 underline "keine Bastarde"
show subjects concepts

lines 9—5 score
line 6 underline "Statur"
line 5 underline "Länge ... Beckendurchmesser"
bottom-margin annotation Pelvis

lines 16—25 score
top-marginline 24 annotation stallions transmit qualities more than mares. because generally former of long-continued good breeding but mares are less so & crossed.
from End Slip annotation 10    on Heredetary colour of Horses; when forefathers for some generations of same colour, more easily transmitted.    p. 94

table col 1 7 annotation ‹X›
line 8 annotation ‹X›
line 15 annotation ‹X›
show subjects concepts

table col 2 lines 11—14 score
show subjects subjects

table entry 13 annotation Chesnt
table entry 13 underline "Fahlbraun"
table entry 13 annotation X
show subjects subjects

table col 2 lines 10—12 score
table col 3 entries 1, 4, 6, 7, 20, 21 underline "[colours]"
top-marginline 5 annotation Duns Hereditary colour
     But these are picked cases of hereditary trnsmssn of colour
show subjects subjects

lines 3—1 score
show subjects subjects

line 10 underline "schwarzen Bullen"
line 9 underline "welche ... roth"/ lines 6—5 underline "der ... übergehen"
lines 6—5 annotation X
from End Slip annotation 98    on changes of colour in calves frm parents of two colours, with age (Q)t01
t01 - `(Q)' in dark grey ink
show subjects subjects

lines 4—5 score
lines 14—15 score
show subjects subjects

lines 3—4 score
line 6 underline in pale pencil "Männchen"
show subjects subjects

lines 6—9 score
lines 6—9 annotation man affected by producing one mule

lines 8—5 score
lines 8—5 annotation children like first husband

lines 9—8 score
lines 9—8 underline "oder ... haben"

lines 8—9 score
line 9 underline "Burdach"
line 11 underline "Nabelbruch"
line 13 annotation Hare-lip

lines 8—4 score
lines 8—4 annotation Qt01 one-horned stag Qt02
from End Slip annotation 107    on stags with one horn, producing a Family of.    Qt03
t01 - `Q' in brown ink
t02 - `Q' in brown ink
t03 - `Q' in brown ink

lines 15—5 score
lines 15—5 underline "[names of diseases]"

lines 5—2 score
line 5 underline "Verletzung"
line 5 annotation hurt
line 4 underline "gefährlich"
lines 5—1 annotation tendeny to bleed on small hurts

line 2 underline "Entzündungen"
line 2 annotation inflammation

line 7 underline "Roz"
line 7 annotation glanders
lines 9—10 underline "Exostosis ... tarsi"
line 11 underline "Exostosen"
show subjects subjects

line 10 underline "nicht ... Anlagen"

line 9 annotation X
show subjects concepts

lines 7—2 score
lines 4—3 underline "weder ... Schanker"
bottom-margin annotation discussion on hereditary venereal diseases probaly, when frm father, not actual mother.

line 6 underline "nur ... Vater"
lines 5—4 underline "nur ... nachkommen"

lines 8—6 score
show subjects subjects

lines 8—9 score
line 8 underline "nur Raçen"
lines 10—13 score cancelled

lines 3—18 annotation many old nations married their near relations