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Die Schutzeinrichtungen in der Entwickelung der Keimpflanze
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Wien, Carl Gerold's Sohn, 1877
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

annotation Dr Haberlandt Schutzrichtungen (1
show subjects concepts

annotation p. 23    The hypocoty «of Phaseo■lus ■» first geotropic & then apogeotrop. do not allude to, as may be differnt in differnt plants
show subjects subjects

annotation 25 The coats of seeds by rubbig roots causes bendng which increses geotropic bending — compares with what Sachs says about Earth . p. 26 shows by drawing what takes place. (mem self — with Peas.

annotation 48    seedlings resist frost wonderfully

annotation 52.    Winkler & Irmisch — th sinkng of Hycocotyl. axis in Earth — shortens so tht cotyledon drawn into Earth

annotation 66. must brak thrugh Earth, or at least find cracks to pass-thrgh

annotation — Braks thrgh bowed to protect growing point p.69 do.

annotation — explains grasses brakng thrgh th grund by turgescence & stiffness of cotyledon.
show subjects subjects

annotation 69    Plants with hypogean cotyledons break thrgh grund bowed

annotation — The convex side of archd hypocotyl turn up thrgh apogeotropism.

annotation 72    Helianthus annuus    weight of Cots. cause bowing
show subjects subjects

annotation 77— Allium Cots    Knee in th Cot.
show subjects subjects

annotation 79 expermts with cuttg off Cots of Barly repeatedly & did not kill
show subjects subjects

annotation     Haberlandt
show subjects concepts

annotation p. 94.    Cots of Lupinus    anatomiclly intrmdiat betwen sub-[?]anvil & hypogean Cots
     In Leguminosae all gradation betwen th 2 states
show subjects subjects

annotation 98    Th 2 sides of Cots . not usully so much diffrntiated ‹as leave› as in true Leaves.