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Asa Gray correspondence. Senders Be-Bo
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Arcadia 19th Century Collections Digitization/Harvard Library
Copy-specific Information
Consists of letters and postcards written to Asa Gray from 41 correspondents with surnames starting with the letters Be-Bo, arranged alphabetically by sender. Correspondents are: W.J. Beal, Henry Curtis Beardslee, A. Beccari, Lewis C. Beck, T.R. Beck, L. Belding, James Bellas, Alfred W. Bennet, John J. Bennett, Prosper Jules Alphonse Berckmans, C.H. Berendt, Moller & Thebaud, J. Macherson Berrien, C.E. Bessey, G.N. Best, Hannah J. Biddecome, Annie K. Bidwell, D.J. Bigelow, Jacob Bigelow, John Milton Bigelow, Mrs. R.F. Bingam, Amos Binney, Edward F. Bishop, Baron Frederic Rogers Blachford, Bodisco, Jacob Gijsbert Boerlage, Edmond Boissier, Emmanuel Bonavia, George Phillips Bond, Sarah A.C. Bond, Henri Gustavus de Bongard, Thomas George Bonney, William Boott, Vincenze Borbas, William Copeland Borlase, Jean Baptiste Edouard Bornet, Jean Baptiste Geneviève Marcellin Bory, Roelof Benjamin van den Bosch, H. Bossange et fils, Thomas T. Bouve, and Frederick Orpen Bower.
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Public domain. The BHL considers that this work is no longer under copyright protection.

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