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Merritt Lyndon Fernald correspondence
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon, 1873-1950

Allen, John A. (John Alpheus), 1863-1916
Bissell, Charles Humphrey, 1857-1925
Blake, S. F. (Sidney Fay), 1892-1959
Bragg, Laura M.,
Briggs, Le Baron Russell, 1855-1934
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934
Frothingham, Louis A.,
Gaskin, Helen C.,
Gilmore, Melvin R. (Melvin Randolph), 1868-1940
Goodale, George L. (George Lincoln), 1839-1923
Gould, John Mead, 1839-1930
Graves, Arthur Harmount
Greene, Jerome D. (Jerome Davis), 1874-1955
Haliburton, John P.,
Holm, Theo
Houghton, George M.,
Jones, Vincent S.,
Kennedy, George G. (George Golding), 1841-1918
Knowlton, Clarence Hinckley, 1876-1956
Latham, Harold Strong, 1887-
Lewis, Eleanor Ashton,
Linder, David H. (David Hunt), 1899-1946
Lindsay, Eugene,
Livingston, Burton E. (Burton Edward), 1875-1948
Lowell, A. Lawrence (Abbott Lawrence), 1856-1943
Macoun, James Melville, 1862-1920
Mercer, James W.,
Moore, George T. (George Thomas), 1871-1956
Noyes, George Rapall, 1873-1952
O'Mara, May A.,
Osborn, Henry Leslie
Pease, Arthur Stanley, 1881-1964
Piccott, Archibald W., 1869-1926
Porsild, Morten P. (Morten Pedersen), 1872-1956
Pray, James Sturgis, 1871-
Rackemann, Francis M. (Francis Minot), 1887-1973
Rand, Benjamin, 1856-1934
Rich, William Penn, 1849-1930
Riddell, John M.,
Robertson, I C
Rollins, Reed C. (Reed Clark), 1911-1998
Rose, A. McKinley,
Rose, Albert S.,
St. John, Harold, 1892-1991
Tanner, Kenneth J.,
Taylor, John Lewis,
Transeau, Edgar Nelson, 1875-1960
Twenhofel, William H. (William Henry), 1875-1957
Watson, Sereno, 1826-1892
Weatherby, Charles Alfred, 1875-1949
Whalen, Elizabeth,
Williams, Emile Francis, 1858-1929
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Holding Institution
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
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Public domain. The BHL considers that this work is no longer under copyright protection.

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