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  1. Botanical grammar and dictionary /   (added: 10/22/2017 )
  2. A synopsis of the genera of American plants, according to the latest improvements on the Linnaean system: with the new genera of Michaux and others. Intended for the use of students in botany ...   (added: 10/15/2017 )
  3. Final report on the geology of Massachusetts /   (added: 10/08/2017 )
  4. An experimental dissertation on the rhus vernix, rhus radicans and rhus glabrum : commonly known in Pennsylvania by the names of poison-ash, poison-vine and common sumach /   (added: 03/19/2017 )
  5. Medicina Britannica, or A treatise on such physical plants, as are generally to be found in the fields or gardens in Great-Britain : containing a particular account of their nature, virtues, and uses ; together with the observations of the most learned physicians, as well ancient as modern, communicated to the late ingenious Mr. Ray, and the learned Dr. Sim. Pauli ; adapted more especially to the occasions of those, whose condition or situation of life deprives them, in a great measure, of the helps of the learned /   (added: 02/06/2017 )
  6. Celebration at Flushing, of the birth-day of Linnaeus by the New York Branch of the Linnaean Society of Paris, as reported for the New-York Statesman.   (added: 01/09/2017 )
  7. Diagnoses of new North American mammals /   (added: 08/07/2016 )
  8. On the sanitary value of forests /   (added: 08/07/2016 )
  9. A fragment of a guide to practical work in elementary entomology : an outline for the use of students in the Entomological Laboratory of Cornell University /   (added: 08/07/2016 )
  10. A synopsis of a course of lectures on the elements of historical paleontology : delivered at Cornell University, 1885-86 /   (added: 08/07/2016 )
  11. Observations on the size of the brain in various races and families of man /   (added: 05/09/2016 )
  12. Isthmia nervosa : a study of its modes of growth and reproduction /   (added: 03/13/2016 )
  13. Revision of the large, stylated, fossorial crickets /   (added: 03/13/2016 )
  14. Hortus Elginensis, or A catalogue of plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated in the Elgin Botanic Garden, in the vicinity of the city of New-York : established in 1801 /   (added: 02/07/2016 )
  15. Observations relative to lymphatic hearts /   (added: 01/10/2016 )
  16. Comparative surgery : with illustrative cases /   (added: 01/10/2016 )
  17. C.E. Hobb's botanical hand-book of common local, English, botanical and pharmacopoeial names arranged in alphabetical order, of most of the crude vegetable drugs, etc., in common use : especially designed as a reference book for druggists and apothecaries /   (added: 01/10/2016 )
  18. The new American pocket farrier and farmer's guide : in the choice and management of horses, neat cattle, sheep and swine : including a description of their internal structure, their digestive system, the diseases to which they are liable, with their causes, symptoms, and most approved methods of cure /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  19. Explanations : a sequel to "Vestiges of the natural history of creation" /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  20. Vestiges of the natural history of creation.   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  21. Tratado de la arboricultura cubana y lleva agregada la de Isla de Pinos y Puerto-Rico : especificación de cada uno ... /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  22. Descriptions of extinct batrachia and reptilia from the Permian Formation of Texas /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  23. Methods of study in natural history /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  24. The horse /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  25. List of skeletons and crania in the Section of Comparative Anatomy of the United States Army Medical Museum : for use during the International Exhibition of 1876 in connection with the representation of the Medical Department, U.S. Army /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  26. Martin's Natural history /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  27. Systematic catalogue of vertebrata of the eocene of New Mexico : collected in 1874 /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  28. Food for the tropics, being a short description of native produce suitable for food in tropical countries,   (added: 11/14/2009 )
  29. Journal of anatomy and physiology. v. 35 (1901)   (added: 11/13/2009 )