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  1. Correspondence : Candolle (Alphonse de) and Engelmann (George), 1859-1879.
    By: Candolle, Alphonse de,
    Holding Institution: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library
    Subjects: (Henri),  (Jacques Denys),  1778-1841  1799-1859  1806-1893  1809-1882  1809-1884  1810-1885  1810-1888  1811-1871  1825-1896  1827-1895  1836-1918  Baillon, H  Begoniaceae  Boissier, Edmond,  Botanical specimens  Cactaceae  Candolle, Alphonse de,  Candolle, Augustin Pyramus de,  Candolle, Casimir de,  Choisy, J  Convovulaceae  Correspondence  Cuscuta  Darwin, Charles,  Dicotyledones  Dicotyledons  Engelmann, George,  Euphorbia  Euphorbiaceae  Fagaceae  Gray, Asa,  Letters  Miquel, Friedrich Anton Wilhelm,  Mueller, Ferdinand von,  Quercus  Receipts (Acknowledgments)  
    BHL Collections: Engelmann Papers, Missouri Botanical Garden | Ferdinand von Mueller Collection
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  2. Notes on George Lawson's type specimens.
    By: Weatherby, Charles Alfred,
    Publication info: [Not after 1941]
    Holding Institution: Harvard University Botany Libraries
    Subjects: 1827-1895  Ferns  Lawson, George,  Type specimens  
    BHL Collections: BHL Field Notes Project | Harvard University Herbarium, Botany Libraries
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  3. Testimonials in favor of George Lawson, LL.D. formerly demonstrator of botany and histology in the University of Edinburgh, and interim lecturer on natural science in the New College, Edinburgh; afterwards professor of natural history and cheminstry in Queen's College, Kingston, and presently professor of chemistry and natural science, in Dalhousie College and University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    Publication info: [Halifax, N.S.? :s.n.],1874
    Holding Institution: (
    Subjects: 1827-1895  Botanists  Canada  Employment references  Lawson, George,  
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