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  1. The British fruit-gardener : and art of pruning : comprising, the most approved methods of planting and raising every useful fruit-tree and fruit-bearing-shrub ... The true successful practice of pruning, training, grafting, budding &c. so as to render them abundantly fruitful: and full directions concerning soils, situations, and exposures /
    By: Abercrombie, John, - Mawe, Thomas.
    Publication info: London :MDCCLXXIX [1779]
    Holding Institution: John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library (
    Subjects: Early works to 1800  Fruit-culture  Great Britain  Publishers' advertisements  
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  2. An essay on the natural history of Guiana, in South America : containing a description of many curious productions in the animal and vegetable systems of that country. Together with an account of the religion, manners, and customs of several tribes of its Indian inhabitants. Interspersed with a variety of literary and medical observations. In several letters.
    By: Bancroft, Edward, - Becket, Thomas. - De Hondt, P. A. (Peter Abraham) - Park, Moses, - Quicke, Nutcombe,
    Publication info: London :Printed for T. Becket and P.A. de Hondt in the Strand,MDCCLXIX [1769]
    Holding Institution: John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library (
    Subjects: Description and travel  Early works to 1800  Natural history  Publishers' advertisements  Suriname  
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  3. Essays on the microscope : containing a practical description of the most improved microscopes : a general history of insects, their transformations, peculiar habits, and oeconomy : an account of the various species and singular properties of the Hydrae and Vorticellae: a description of three hundred and seventy-nine animalcula, with a concise catalogue of interesting objects : a view of the organization of timber, and the configuration of salts when under the microscope /
    By: Adams, George, - Bonles, T., - Duché, Thomas Spence, - Goodnight, - Hindmarsh, Robert, - Laurie, Robert, - Lodge, John, - Milne, T., - Wigley, James,
    Publication info: London :Prined for the author, by Robert Hindmarsh ... and sold by the author, at his shop, Tycho Brahe's Head, no. 60, Fleet-Street,MDCCLXXXVII [1787]
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: 1787  Adams  Animalcules  Early works  Early works to 1800  England  Insects  London  Mezzotints  Microorganisms  Microscopes  Microscopy  Publishers' advertisements  
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  4. The gardeners kalendar : directing what works are necessary to be performed every month in the kitchen, fruit, and pleasure-gardens, as also in the conservatory and nursery: Shewing I. The particular seasons for propagating all sorts of esculent plants and fruits, with the time when each sort is proper for the table. II. The proper seasons for transplanting all sorts of trees, shrubs, and plants, with the time of their flowering /
    By: Miller, Philip,
    Edition: The fourteenth edition, with a list of the medicinal plants, which may be gathered for use each month. To which is prefixed a short introduction to the science of botany, illustrated with copper plate
    Publication info: London :Printed for the author, and sold by John Rivington ..., H. Woodfall ...,1765.
    Holding Institution: John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library (
    Subjects: Early works to 1800  Gardening  Publishers' advertisements  
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  5. General view of the agriculture of the county of Northampton : with observations on the means of its improvement. Drawn up to the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement. To which is added, an appendix, containing a comparison between the English and Scotch systems of husbandry, as practiced in the counties of Northampton and Perth /
    By: Donaldson, James, - Great Britain. Board of Agriculture.
    Publication info: Edinburgh :Printed by Adam Neill and Company,MDCCXCIV [1794]
    Holding Institution: John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library (
    Subjects: Agriculture  Economic conditions  England  Northamptonshire  Northamptonshire (England)  Publishers' advertisements  
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  6. Histoire naturelle des crustacés : contenant leur description et leurs mœurs
    By: Bosc, L. A. G. (Louis Augustin Guillaume), - Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, comte de,
    Publication info: Paris :Deterville,an X [1802].
    Holding Institution: Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Ernst Mayr Library
    Subjects: 1802  Crustacea  France  Paris  Publishers' advertisements  
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  7. Illustrations of the birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America. : Intended to contain descriptions and figures of all North American birds not given by former American authors, and a general synopsis of North American ornithology. /
    By: Cassin, John, - Bowen, John T., - Hitchcock, William E., - White, George G. - J.B. Lippincott & Co.,
    Publication info: Philadelphia: :J.B. Lippincott & Co.,1862.
    Holding Institution: University of Pittsburgh Library System (
    Subjects: Birds  Bookplates (Provenance)  Chromolithographs  Ink stamps (Provenance)  Library copies (Provenance)  MWA  North America  Pennsylvania  Philadelphia  Publishers' advertisements  
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  8. Œuvres complètes de M. le C[om]te de Buffon ... : histoire des animaux quadrupèdes.
    By: Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, comte de,
    Publication info: A Paris :De l'Imprimerie royale,MDCCLXXV-MDCCLXXXIX [1775-1789]
    Holding Institution: John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library (
    Subjects: 18th century  Animals  Early works to 1800  France  Illustration of books  Marbled papers  Natural history  Natural history illustration  Publishers' advertisements  Specimens  Zoological illustration  
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  9. Œuvres de Maupertuis.
    By: Maupertuis,
    Edition: Nouvelle édition corrigee & augmentée.
    Publication info: A Lyon :Chez Jean-Marie Bruyset ...,MDCCLXVIII [1768]
    Holding Institution: John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library (
    Subjects: Early works to 1800  Ethics  Geodesy  Language and languages  Marbled papers (Binding  Publishers' advertisements  Reproduction  Science  
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  10. A practical treatise of husbandry : wherein are contained, many useful and valuable experiments and observations in the new husbandry, collected, during a series of years /
    By: Duhamel du Monceau, M., - Mills, John,
    Edition: The second edition, corrected and improved.
    Publication info: London :Printed for C. Hitch and L. Hawes ...,MDCCLXII [1762]
    Holding Institution: John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library (
    Subjects: Agriculture  Early works to 1800  Publishers' advertisements  
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  11. Rural studies : with hints for country places /
    By: Mitchell, Donald Grant,
    Publication info: New York :C. Scribner & co.,1867.
    Holding Institution: University of Toronto - Gerstein Science Information Centre
    Subjects: 19th century  Country life  Publishers' advertisements  United States  
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