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  1. The journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. v.59:pt.2:suppl.1-2 (1890)   (added: 07/23/2017 )
  2. The journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. v.59:pt.1 no.1 (1890)   (added: 07/16/2017 )
  3. Verhandlungen des naturforschenden Vereines in Brünn. Bd.14   (added: 07/16/2017 )
  4. A year among the bees; being a talk about some of the implements, plans and practices of a bee-keeper of 25 years' experience, who has for 8 years made the production of honey his exclusive business.   (added: 07/16/2017 )
  5. Cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, bees, dogs, pigeons and pets.   (added: 07/16/2017 )
  6. The American angler's guide. Being a compilation from the works of popular English authors, from Walton to the present time; together with the opinions and practices of the best American anglers: containing every variety of mode adopted in ocean, river, lake and pond fishing; the necessary tackle and baits required; manner of making artificial flies.   (added: 07/16/2017 )
  7. Rivista di patologia vegetale. ser.2:v.7 n.1-5, 8-12 (1914-1916)   (added: 07/12/2017 )
  8. Mémoires de l'Académie impériale des sciences de St.-Pétersbourg. 7e série. ser.7:t.38 (1890-1892)   (added: 07/12/2017 )
  9. The flora of Canada / pt. 4   (added: 07/12/2017 )
  10. Thick-skinned quadrupeds.   (added: 07/12/2017 )
  11. Tropical agriculturist. 11   (added: 06/29/2017 )
  12. Nature portraits; studies with pen and camera of our wild birds, animals, fish and insects;   (added: 06/29/2017 )
  13. Buffon's natural history of quadrupeds, birds, fishes, serpents, reptiles, and insects ... 1832   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  14. Report to the Government of British Honduras upon the outbreak of yellow fever in that Colony in 1905, together with an account of the distribution of Stegomyia fasciata in Belize, and the measures necessary to stamp out or prevent the recurrence of yellow fever,   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  15. The beauties of the creation; or, A new moral system of natural history; displayed in the most singular, curious, and beautiful quadrupeds, birds, insects, trees, and flowers ...   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  16. A treatise on the insects most prevalent on fruit trees, and garden produce, giving an account of the different states they pass through, the depredations they commit, and recipes for their destruction, including the recipes of various authors, with remarks on their utility; also, a few hints on the causes and treatment of mildew and canker on fruit trees and cucumbers, &c. &c. &c.   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  17. Journal d'agriculture tropicale: agricole, scientifique et commercial. 13 (1913)   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  18. Journal d'agriculture tropicale: agricole, scientifique et commercial. 19 (1919)   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  19. Der vollständige Bienen-Wärter : oder, Nützliche Anweisungen zur Bienen-Zucht : zusammen getragen aus den Schriften von Christ, Columella, Wheit und M. Harasti /   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  20. Reblaus und Blutlaus : erläuternder Text zu der "Wandtafel zur Darstellung der Reblaus und der Blutlaus für Schule und Haus" /   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  21. The farmer's manual; being a plain practical treatise on the art of husbandry, designed to promote an acquaintance with the modern improvements in agriculture, together with remarks on gardening, and a treatise on the management of bees.   (added: 06/18/2017 )
  22. Nunquam otiosus : zoologische Mittheilungen / von Dr. L. W. Schaufuss. 1-3   (added: 05/21/2017 )
  23. Memoirs of the Science Department, University of Tokio, Japan. no. 11-12 (1885)   (added: 04/10/2017 )
  24. The journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. v.60:pt.2 no.1 (1891)   (added: 04/02/2017 )
  25. The journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. v.61:pt.2 no.2 (1892)   (added: 04/02/2017 )