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  1. Tung wu hsüeh /   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  2. The history of the collections contained in the Natural history departments of the British museum... v.2 (1906)   (added: 06/02/2013 )
  3. Home and garden; notes and thoughts, practical and critical, of a worker in both,   (added: 03/03/2013 )
  4. Nature and development of plants,   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  5. Catalogue of the flowering plants and ferns of Connecticut growing without cultivation,   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  6. The evolution theory, 2   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  7. The evolution theory, 1   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  8. The world of life; a manifestation of creative power, directive mind and ultimate purpose,   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  9. Protoplasmic action and nervous action,   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  10. On mammalian descent; the Hunterian Lectures for 1884; being nine lectures delivered in the theatre of the Royal College of Surgeons during February, 1884,   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  11. From the Greeks to Darwin: an outline of the development of the evolution idea.   (added: 01/27/2013 )
  12. Dictionnaire classique d'histoire naturelle, t.8 (1825)   (added: 09/10/2010 )
  13. Unsere Freiland-Nadelhölzer; Anzucht, Pflege und Verwendung aller bekannten in Mitteleuropa im freien Kulturfähigen Nadelhölzer mit Einschluss von Ginkgo und Ephedra, unter Mitwirkung von Otto Appel, Adolf Cieslar, Paul Kache [u. a.] hrsg. von Ernst graf Silva Tarouca und Camillo Schneider.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  14. Introduction to cryptogamic botany. By the Rev. M. J. Berkeley. With 127 illustrations on wood, drawn by the author.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  15. Annual report upon the geographical surveys west of the one-hundredth meridian in the states and territories of California, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming : being Appendix NN of the Annual report of the Chief of Engineers for 1877.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  16. Field notes on apple culture. By L. H. Bailey.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  17. Naturgeschichte der schadlichen Nadelholz-Insecten nebst Anweisung zu ihrer Vertilgung : ein nutzliches Lesebuch für Naturforscher, Forstmänner und Dekonomen / von Georg Gottfried Zinke.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  18. The apple; a practical treatise dealing with the latest modern practices of apple culture, by Albert E. Wilkinson.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  19. Bursa bursa-pastoris and Bursa heegeri biotypes and hybrids, by George Harrison Shull.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  20. Aeration and air-content; the role of oxygen in root activity, by Frederic E. Clements.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  21. The American apple orchard; a sketch of the practice of apple growing in North America at the beginning of the twentieth century, by F. A. Waugh ...   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  22. The vegetation of a desert mountain range as conditioned by climatic factors, by Forrest Shreve.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  23. Weeds and how to eradicate them, by Thomas Shaw.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  24. Insecticides, fungicides and weedkillers: a practical manual on the diseases of plants and their remedies, for the use of manufacturing chemists, agriculturists, arboriculturists and horticulturists, by E. Bourcart, D. SC. Tr. from the French, rev. and adapted to British standards and practice, by Donald Grant.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  25. Die schädlichsten Forstinsekten auf der Kiefer und Schutzmassregeln gegen diese Insekten / auf Grund vierzighähriger Tätigkeit in Kiefernrevieren vom rein praktischen Standpunkte aus betrachtet von O. Krüger.   (added: 07/25/2010 )