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  1. Cotton, its cultivation, marketing, manufacture, and the problems of the cotton world,   (added: 02/22/2015 )
  2. Catalogue of microscopes and accessories : microtomes, bacteriological apparatus, laboratory supplies and instruments for clinical diagnosis.   (added: 02/08/2015 )
  3. Mikroskopische Untersuchungen : ausgeführt im Laboratorium für Mikroskopie und technische Waarenkunde am K. K. Polytechnischen Institute in Wien /   (added: 02/08/2015 )
  4. A dictionary of useful animals and their products : a manual of ready reference for all those which are commercially important, and others which man has utilised : including also a glossary of trade and technical terms connected therewith /   (added: 02/01/2015 )
  5. The practical horseshoer : being a collection of articles on horseshoeing in all its branches which have appeared from time to time in the columns of "The Blacksmith and wheelwright" ... /   (added: 02/01/2015 )
  6. A new voyage and description of the Isthmus of America : giving an account of the author's abode there, the form and make of the country, the coasts, hills, rivers, &c. woods, soil, weather, &c. trees, fruit, beasts, birds, fish, &c : the Indian inhabitants, their features, complexion, &c. their manners, customs, employments, marriages, feasts, hunting, computation, language, etc. : with remarkable occurrences in the South-Sea and elsewhere /   (added: 02/01/2015 )
  7. The microscope and its revelations / 1   (added: 01/25/2015 )
  8. The microscope and its revelations / 2   (added: 01/25/2015 )
  9. On angular aperture of objectives for the microscope : read before the Microscopical Congress at Indianapolis, Ind., August 15th, 1878 /   (added: 01/25/2015 )
  10. A treatise on the construction, proper use, and capabilities of Smith, Beck and Beck's achromatic microscopes /   (added: 01/25/2015 )
  11. I pomi d'oro / di Gio. Francesco Angelita, Roco Accademico Disuguale ; doue si contengono due lettioni, de' fichi l'vna, e de' melloni l'altra ; nelle quali non solo si scorgono le lor lodi, e le loro eccellenze, ma si scoprono molti segreti per vsarli, e per cultiuarli ; e si notano molti errori di diuersi grand'huomini intorno al loro sentimento ; aggiuntavi vna lettione della lvmaca doue si pruoua, ch'ella sia maestra della vita human ...   (added: 01/18/2015 )
  12. The voyage of the Beagle /   (added: 01/18/2015 )
  13. Horti academici Lugduno-Batavi catalogus : exhibens plantarum omnium nomina, quibus ab anno MDCLXXXI ad annum MDCLXXXVI hortus fuit instructus ut & plurimarum in eodem cultarum & à nemine hucusque editarum descriptiones & icones /   (added: 12/28/2014 )
  14. De vera antiquorum herba Britannica : ejusdemque efficacia contra stomacaccen, seu scelotyrben, Frisiis et Batavis de scheurbuyck : dissertatio historico-medica /   (added: 12/14/2014 )
  15. Burnaby's travels through North America;   (added: 11/23/2014 )
  16. Tales of fishes /   (added: 11/23/2014 )
  17. The mountains of California / 1   (added: 11/23/2014 )
  18. Menthae britannicae : being a new botanical arrangement of all the British mints hitherto discovered : illustrated with twenty-four copper-plates, of the natural size, done from the life by able artists : exhibiting a figure of every distinct mint herein treated of, including all those enumerated by Ray and Hudson, together with several new species hitherto unnoticed /   (added: 11/23/2014 )
  19. Recherches sur l'usage des feuilles dans les plantes : et sur quelques autres sujets relatifs à l'histoire de la vegetation /   (added: 11/09/2014 )
  20. A voyage of discovery : into the south sea and Beering's straits, for the purpose of exploring a north-east passage, undertaken in the years 1815-1818, at the expense of His Highness ... Count Romanzoff, in the ship Rurick, under the command of the lieutenant in the Russian imperial navy, Otto von Kotzebue ; illustrated with numerous plates and maps. 3   (added: 11/09/2014 )
  21. Recherches sur l'usage des feuilles dans les plantes : et sur quelques autres sujets relatifs à l'histoire de la vegetation /   (added: 11/09/2014 )
  22. Travels into North America : containing its natural history, and a circumstantial account of its plantations and agriculture in general, with the civil, ecclesiastical and commercial state of the country, the manners of the inhabitants, and several curious and important remarks on various subjects / 1   (added: 11/09/2014 )
  23. The aquarium: an unveiling of the wonders of the deep sea.   (added: 10/26/2014 )
  24. Stowe, a description of the house and gardens of the most noble and puissant prince, Richard Grenville Nugent Chandos Temple, Marquess of Buckingham.   (added: 09/30/2014 )
  25. Pesche e peschiere antiche e moderne nell'Etruria marittima /   (added: 09/21/2014 )