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  1. The amino acid content and nutritive value of the proteins of cottonseed meal,
    By: Nevens, W. B.
    Publication info: Baltimore,1921
    Contributed by: Library of Congress
    Subjects: Amino acids  Cottonseed meal  
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  2. Amino acid pools: distribution, formation and function of free amino acids; proceedings. Edited by Joseph T. Holden. Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, Washington, D.C., under the auspices of the Institute for A[d]vanced Learning in the Medical Sciences.
    By: Symposium on Free Amino Acids - Holden, Joseph T. - City of Hope National Medical Center (U.S.) - United States.
    Publication info: Amsterdam,Elsevier Pub. Co.1962.
    Contributed by: MBLWHOI Library
    Subjects: Amino acids  Congresses  
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  3. The physiology of the amino acids,
    By: Underhill, Frank Pell,
    Publication info: New Haven,Yale university press; [etc., etc.]1915.
    Contributed by: University of California Libraries (
    Subjects: Amino acids  Biochemistry  Proteins  
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  4. The physiology of the amino acids, by Frank P. Underhill ...
    By: Underhill, Frank Pell,
    Publication info: New Haven,Yale University Press; [etc., etc.]1915.
    Contributed by: Columbia University Libraries (
    Subjects: Amino acids  Biochemistry  physiology  Proteins  
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  5. The physiology of the amino acids.
    By: Underhill, Frank P.
    Publication info: New Haven,Yale Univ. Press,1915.
    Contributed by: Gerstein - University of Toronto (
    Subjects: Amino acids  Proteins  
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  1. Biochemical composition of the nereidid Perinereis cultrifera from the Egyptian Mediterranean Coast
    By: Moussa Dorgham,Mohamed - Hamdy,Rasha - Hassan,Hoda - Rasheedy,Al - Mohamed Atta,Manal
    Type: Article
    In: Universidad de Valparaíso. Facultad de Ciencias del Mar
    Date: 2015-12-01
    Publication info: Universidad de Valparaíso. Facultad de Ciencias del Mar
    Subjects: Amino acids  Carbohydrates  Fatty acids  Lipids  
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  2. Estimation of the dietary essential amino acid requirements of colliroja Astyanax fasciatus by using the ideal protein concept
    By: Furuya,Wilson Massamitu - Michelato,Mariana - Salaro,Ana Lúcia - Cruz,Thais Pereira da - Barriviera-Furuya,Valéria Rossetto
    Type: Article
    Date: 2015-11-01
    Publication info: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
    Facultad de Recursos Naturales
    Escuela de Ciencias del Mar 2015-11-01
    Subjects: Amino acids  Aquaculture  Astyanax fasciatus  ideal protein concept  Nutrition  Protein  
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  3. Influence of air temperature on proteinase activity and beverage quality in Coffea arabica
    By: Abreu,Hellen Marília Couto de - Nobile,Paula Macedo - Shimizu,Milton Massao - Yamamoto,Paula Yuri - Silva,Emerson Alves - Colombo,Carlos Augusto - Mazzafera,Paulo
    Type: Article
    In: Sociedade Botânica de São Paulo
    Date: 2012-01-01
    Publication info: Sociedade Botânica de São Paulo
    Subjects: Amino acids  coffee quality  cysteine proteinase  Endosperm  Protein  
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  4. Replacement of fish meal by poultry by-product meal, food grade, in diets for juvenile spotted rose snapper (Lutjanus guttatus)
    By: Hernández,Crisantema - Osuna-Osuna,Lorena - Hernandez,Asahel Benitez - Sanchez-Gutierrez,Yazmín - González-Rodríguez,Blanca - Dominguez-Jimenez,Patricia
    Type: Article
    In: Latin american journal of aquatic research
    Date: 2014-03-01
    Publication info: Latin american journal of aquatic research
    Subjects: Amino acids  Aquaculture  artificial diets  digestibility  hematological characteristics  
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