8 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "fauna - crab"

  1. Contributions to the natural history of the United States of North America
    By: Agassiz, Louis,
    Publication info: [s.n.], [s.n.], n.d
    Pages: Page 100  Page 115  
  2. Introduction á la zoologie générale
    By: Milne-Edwards, H. (Henri),
    Publication info: Paris, Victor Masson, 1851
    Pages: Page 130  Page 137  
  3. Lake Superior: its character, vegetation, and animals, compared with those of other similar regions
    By: Agassiz, Louis,
    Publication info: Boston, Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1850
    Pages: Page 197  
  4. Mémoire sur l'organisation des cirripèdes
    By: Martin Saint-Ange, G. J.
    Publication info: Paris, J.B. Baillière, 1835
    Pages: Page 22  Page 22  
  5. On the classification and geographical distribution of Crustacea
    By: Dana, James Dwight,
    Publication info: Philadelphia, C. Sherman, 1853
    Pages: Page 1582