26 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "fauna - pigeon, fancy"

  1. The dovecote and the aviary
    By: Dixon, Edmund Saul,
    Publication info: London, John Murray, 1851
    Pages: Page 70  Page 71  Page 74  Page 82  Page 89  Page 161  Page 167  
  2. Das Ganze der Taubenzucht
    By: Neumeister, Gottlob.
    Publication info: Weimar, B.F. Voigt, 1837
    Pages: Page 17  Page 18  Page 21  Page 24  End Slip   End Slip   
  3. On the variation of species
    By: Wollaston, Thomas Vernon,
    Publication info: London, John Van Voorst, 1856
    Pages: Page 193  Page 193  
  4. Les pigeons de volière et de colombier, ou Histoire naturelle des pigeons domestiques
    By: Boitard, Pierre, - Corbié, M. (Ornithologist)
    Publication info: Paris, Audot & Corbié, 1824
    Pages: Page 158  End Slip 2  
  5. Der Taubenfreund
    By: Weber, D.A.
    Publication info: Leipzig, G. Basse, 1850
    Pages: Page 41  Page 42  Page 43  End Slip   End Slip   
  6. A treatise on the art of breeding and managing tame, domesticated and fancy pigeons
    By: Eaton, John Matthews.
    Publication info: London, the Author, 1852
    Pages: Page 33  Page ii  End Slip   End Slip