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35 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "fauna - pigeon, carrier-"

  1. The dovecote and the aviary.
    By: Dixon, Edmund Saul,
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1851.
    Pages: Page 20  Page 79  Page 103  Page 126  Page 132  Page 133  Page 136  Page 137  Page 140  Page 156  End Slip 1, side 1  End Slip 1, side 1  
  2. The new and complete pigeon-fancier: or, modern treatise on domestic pigeons.
    By: Girton, Daniel.
    Publication info: London :[s.n.],n.d..
    Pages: Page 18  Page 13  Page 14  Page 37  
  3. Pigeons and rabbits in their wild, domestic and captive states.
    By: Delamer, Eugene Sebastian
    Publication info: London :G. Routledge & Co.,1854.
    Pages: Page 77  End Note 1  
  4. A treatise on the art of breeding and managing tame, domesticated and fancy pigeons.
    By: Eaton, John Matthews.
    Publication info: London :the Author,1852.
    Pages: Page xiv  Page xiv  Page xv  Page xv  Page 40  Page 40  Page 44  Page 44  Page 58  Page 58  Page 65  Page 82  Page 82  End Slip   End Slip   End Note 2  End Note 2