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23 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "fauna - chimpanzee"

  1. Contributions to the natural history of the United States of North America.
    By: Agassiz, Louis,
    Publication info: [s.n.] :[s.n.],n.d..
    Pages: Page 60  
  2. Evidence as to man's place in nature.
    By: Huxley, Thomas Henry, Prof.
    Publication info: London :Williams & Norgate,1863.
    Pages: Page 21  Page 23  Page 24  Page 24  Page 43  Page 44  Page 44  Page 45  Page 46  Page 46  Page 70  Page 70  Page 102  Page 103  Page 103  Page 110  Page 110  Page 111  Page 111  
  3. Histoire naturelle générale des règnes organiques.
    By: Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Isidore,
    Publication info: Paris :Victor Masson,1854-1862.
    Volume: v.2
    Pages: Page 217  Page 243  
  4. A history of British fossil mammals and birds.
    By: Owen, Richard,
    Publication info: London :John Van Voorst,1846.
    Pages: Page 9