6 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "flora - Dionaea"

  1. Botany for young people: Part 2, How plants behave
    By: Gray, Asa,
    Publication info: New York & Chicago, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co, 1872
    Pages: Page 45  Page 45  
  2. Descriptive and physiological botany
    By: Henslow, J. S. (John Stevens),
    Publication info: London, Longman, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1837
    Pages: Page 165  Page 167  End Slip 2  
  3. Principles of the anatomy and physiology of the vegetable cell
    By: Mohl, Hugo von, - Henfrey, Arthur,
    Publication info: London, John Van Voorst, 1852
    Pages: Page 156