11 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "flora - Rosa"

  1. Die Bastardbefruchtung im Pflanzenreich
    By: Wichura, Max.
    Publication info: Breslau, E. Margenstern, 1865
    Pages: Page 89  Page 89  
  2. Botanische Mittheilungen
    By: Nägeli, Carl,
    Publication info: München, F. Staub, 1866
    Pages: Page 294  
  3. Éléments de tératologie végétale
    By: Moquin-Tandon, Alfred.
    Publication info: Paris, P.-J. Loss, 1841
    Pages: Page 217  Page 370  
  4. The regions of vegetation, being an analysis of the distribution of vegetable forms over the surface of the globe in connection with climate and physical agents
    Publication info: London, G.J. Palmer, 1843
    Pages: Page 44  Page 44  Page 14  Page 14  
  5. Versuche und Beobachtungen über die Bastarderzeugung im Pflanzenreich
    By: Gärtner, Carl Friedrich von,
    Publication info: Stuttgart, [s.n.], 1849
    Pages: Page 153  Page 153