11 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "geology - pebble"

  1. Description physique des Îles Canaries, suivie d'une indication des principaux volcans du globe
    By: Buch, Leopold von, Freiherr, - Boulanger, C.
    Publication info: Paris, F.G. Levrault, 1836
    Pages: Page 183  Page 183  Page 184  Page 184  
  2. A history of British fossil mammals and birds
    By: Owen, Richard,
    Publication info: London, John Van Voorst, 1846
    Pages: Page 495  
  3. Principles of geology
    By: Lyell, Charles, Sir,
    Publication info: London, John Murray, 1837
    Volume: v.2 (Supplementary material in Darwin's copy)
    Pages: Front Note 1  Front Note 1  Page 270  Page 270  
  4. Zur Speciesfrage
    By: Hoffmann, Hermann,
    Publication info: Haarlem, De Erven Loosjes, 1875
    Pages: Page 7  Page 7