6 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "places - Asia S"

  1. Dogs
    By: Smith, Charles Hamilton, - Jardine, William,
    Publication info: Edinburgh, W.H. Lizars, 1839-1840
    Volume: v.10
    Pages: Page 276  
  2. Evidence as to man's place in nature
    By: Huxley, Thomas Henry,
    Publication info: London, Williams & Norgate, 1863
    Pages: Page 153  Page 153  
  3. A history of British fossil mammals and birds
    By: Owen, Richard,
    Publication info: London, John Van Voorst, 1846
    Pages: Page 243  
  4. Studien zur Descendenztheorie. I
    By: Weismann, August,
    Publication info: Leipzig, Engelmann, 1875
    Pages: Page 56  Page 56