21 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "mental states - shame"

  1. The anatomy and philosophy of expression.
    By: Bell, Charles, Sir,
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1844.
    Pages: Page 96  
  2. De la physionomie et de la parole.
    By: Lemoine, Albert.
    Publication info: Paris :Germer Baillière,1865.
    Pages: Page 50  Page 107  Page 181  
  3. De la physionomie et des mouvements d'expression.
    By: Gratiolet, Pierre.
    Publication info: Paris :J. Hetzel,1865.
    Pages: Page 357  Page 358  Page 359  Page 360  Page 362  
  4. Inquiries concerning the intellectual powers and the investigation of truth.
    By: Abercrombie, John.
    Publication info: London :John Murray,1838.
    Pages: Page 203  Page 203  
  5. The physiology or mechanism of blushing.
    By: Burgess, Thomas H. (Thomas Henry),
    Publication info: London :John Churchill,1839.
    Pages: Page 50  Page 25  Page 24  Page 69  Page 134  Page 187  Page 188  End Slip 1, side 1  End Slip 1, side 1  
  6. Researches into the physical history of mankind.
    By: Prichard, James Cowles.
    Publication info: London :Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper,1836.
    Volume: v.1
    Pages: Page 225