30 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "chemistry: toxicity"

  1. Beyträge zur Anthropologie und allgemeinen Naturgeschichte
    By: Rudolphi, Carl Asmund.
    Publication info: Berlin, Haude & Speuer, 1812
    Pages: Page 187  
  2. Cattle: Their breeds, management, and diseases
    By: Youatt, William,
    Publication info: London, Baldwin & Cradock, 1834
    Pages: Page 310  Page 311  End Slip   End Slip   
  3. Elements of physiology
    By: Müller, Johannes, - Baly, William,
    Publication info: London, Taylor & Walton, 1838-1842
    Volume: v.1
    Pages: Page 353  Page 680  Page 724  
  4. Das entdeckte Geheimnis der Natur im Bau und in der Befruchtung der Blumen
    By: Sprengel, Christian Konrad.
    Publication info: Berlin, F. Vieweg, 1793
    Pages: Page 43  
  5. Essay on the physiognomy of serpents
    By: Schlegel, H. (Hermann),
    Publication info: Edinburgh, Maclachlan, Stewart & Co, 1843
    Pages: Page 42  Page 42  Page 43  Page 43  Page 46  Page 46  Page 47  Page 47  
  6. Introductory essay to the flora of New Zealand
    By: Hooker, Joseph Dalton,
    Publication info: London, Lovell Reeve, n.d
    Pages: Page xxxi  
  7. Leçons de botanique
    By: Saint-Hilaire, Auguste de,
    Publication info: Paris, P.J. Loss, 1841
    Pages: Page 89  
  8. Principles of comparative physiology
    By: Carpenter, William Benjamin,
    Publication info: London, John Churchill, 1854
    Pages: Page 101  Page 465  Page 471  
  9. Principles of the anatomy and physiology of the vegetable cell
    By: Mohl, Hugo von, - Henfrey, Arthur,
    Publication info: London, John Van Voorst, 1852
    Pages: Page 87  Page 87  
  10. Report on the experimental culture of the opium poppy for the season 1877--78
    By: Scott, John,
    Publication info: Calcutta, Bengal Secretariat Press, 1878
    Pages: Page 9  Page 21  
  11. Sheep
    By: Youatt, William,
    Publication info: London, Baldwin & Cradock, 1837
    Pages: Page 404  End Slip 2  
  12. Studien zur Descendenztheorie. I
    By: Weismann, August,
    Publication info: Leipzig, Engelmann, 1875
    Pages: Page 16  Page 16