Genera avium
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Genera avium


Wytsman, P. (Philogène) 1866-1925




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Brussels :V. Verteneuil & L. Desmet,1905-1914.


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Most authorities (including: Ornithological books at Yale, Claus Nissen (in his Schöne Vogelbücher) and Jean Anker (in his Bird book and bird art)) call for 44 plates, but the work is complete with 43, the original wrapper of Part 4 calling for 2 plates (cf. cover) but including only one.

Contents: pt. 1. Passeres, fam. Eurylaemidae / by Ernst Hartert.--pt. 2. Picariae, fam. Todidae / by P. Wytsman.--pt. 3. Psittaci, fam. Stringopidae / by T. Salvadori.--pt. 4. Psittaci, fam. Nestoridae / by T. Salvadori.--pt. 5. Psittaci, fam. Cacatuidae / by T. Salvadori.--pt. 6. Picariae, fam. Coliidae / by P.L. Sclater.--pt. 7. Steganopodes, fam. Pelecanidae / by Alphonse Dubois.--pt. 8. Picariae, fam. Musophagidae / by Alphonse Dubois.--pt. 9. Passeres, fam. Pipridae / by C.E. Hellmayr.--pt. 10. Picariae, fam. Galbulidae / by P.L. Sclater.--pt. 11. Psittaci, fam. Loriidae / by T. Salvadori.--pt. 12. Psittaci, fam. Cyclopsittacidae / by T. Salvadori.--pt. 13. Picariae, fam. Bucerotidae / by Alphonse Dubois.--pt. 14. Picariae, fam. Meropidae / by Carl Parrot.--pt. 15. Passeres, fam. Certhiidae / by C.E. Hellmayr.--pt. 16. Passeres, fam. Sittidae / by C.E. Hellmayr.--pt. 17. Passeres, fam. Regulidae / by C.E. Hellmayr.

--pt. 18. Passeres, fam. Paridae / by C.E. Hellmayr.--pt. 19. Grues, fam. Gruidae / by L. Brasil.--pt. 20. Casuarii, fam. Casuariidae / by L. Brasil.--pt. 21. Grues, fam. Rhinochetidae / by L. Brasil.--pt. 22. Apteryges, fam. Apterygidae / by L. Brasil.--pt. 23. Passeres, fam. Chamaeidae / by C.E. Hellmayr.--pt. 24. Passeres, fam. Hyposittidae / by C.E. Hellmayr.--pt. 25. Casuarii, fam. Dromaiidae / by L. Brasil.--pt. 26. Grues, fam. Mesitidae / by L. Brasil.


Aves (Sistematica) , Birds , Pictorial works

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QL673 .G44




LCCN: 06012141
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