Album 1 Haiti and Dominican Republic, 1927, 1931


Album 1 Haiti and Dominican Republic, 1927, 1931

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Contained In: Alexander Wetmore Papers, circa 1848-1979 and undated

Series: SIA RU007006

Series: Smithsonian Field Book Project : an initiative to improve access to field book content that documents natural history


Wetmore, Alexander, 1886-1978




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In 1927 Alexander Wetmore traveled to Haiti and Dominican Republic to make natural history collections for the US National Museum. The photograph album documents his work in Haiti and Dominican Republic in 1927 and 1931. Photographs are chronological, and sometimes include numbers, date, and caption with description and location. Subject matter includes examples of vegetation, adult, young birds, eggs, and their nests; terrain and vistas of the islands including shorelines, mountains, rivers, rain forests, and caves; portraits and candid images of colleagues; camp sites; town markets; lodgings; ranches; towns and ports visited; archaeological excavations of H.W. Krieger at Terrier Rouge, Haiti; ruins; and preparing, repairing, and packing equipment for collecting specimens. Locations visited Haiti (Port Au Prince, Aquin, Fond des Negres, Terrier Rouge, Deron) and Dominican Republic (Constanza, Puerto Plata). Includes photographs of Wetmore, G. N. Walcott, C. H. Arndt, George Fouche Freeman, Herbert W. Krieger, Matthew Williams Stirling, Frederick C. Lincoln, and Semmes W. Parish.


Dominican Republic , Field notes , Haiti , Hinche , Ornithology , Port Au Prince , Puerto Plata , United States National Museum

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.109673


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