Les pigeons / par Madame Knip, née Pauline de Courcelles ; le texte par C.J. Themminck [i.e. Temminck]
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Les pigeons / par Madame Knip, née Pauline de Courcelles ; le texte par C.J. Themminck [i.e. Temminck]


Knip, Pauline, 1781-1851

Bineteau, P. , printer of plates
Bonaparte, Charles-Lucien, 1803-1857 , Iconographie des pigeons
Dequevauviller, François-Jacques, 1783-1848? , engraver
Guyard, Jean-Baptiste, 1787- , engraver
Macret, Jean César, 1768- , engraver
Prévost, Florent, 1794-1870
Temminck, C.J. (Coenraad Jacob), 1778-1858
Temminck, C.J. (Coenraad Jacob), 1778-1858 , Histoire naturelle générale des pigeons et des gallinacés
Firmin-Didot (Firm), , printer
Imprimerie de Millevoy, , printer of plates




Published material

Publication info

Paris :Chez Mme. Knip :[1838-1843?]


"A noted work, stolen from Temminck, the original author, by Madame Knip, the artist, who suppressed the titles and introductory matter and substituted others of her own"--Zimmer.

"Typographie de Firmin Didot frères."

C.L. Bonaparte's Iconographie des pigeons, non figurés par Mme. Knip (Paris, 1857-1858), can be considered a continuation or supplement to this work.

Each tome has half title.

Engravers include César Macret, Dequevauviller; and Guyard. Plates printed by P. Bineteau and Millevoy.

Errors in paging; the numbers 67-68 are both repeated once in the second tome.

Issued in 15 livraisons.

Plates printed in color, and finished with hand-coloring.

Temminck republished the text from t. 1 in his Histoire naturelle générale des pigeons et des gallinacés, 1813-1815.

The first tome is a reprint, with alterations, of the same work of 1809. The second tome, with text by Prévost, can stand as an entirely separate work.

The inclusive dates are from Coues (Bull. U.S. Geol. Geog. Surv. terr. 5 (1), p. 794-796, 1878), after Engelmann.

The text of t. 2 was written by Florent Prévost.

There are gaps in the pagination for each tome, as issued. See Nissen and Zimmer for details.

Tome 1 is the second edition.

Anker, J. Bird books and bird art, | 261

Zimmer, J. Ayer Lib., | I, 357-358

Index animalium | 4733

Nissen, C. Illustrierten Vogelbücher, | 511


Pictorial works , Pigeons

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QL696 .C63K71 1838




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