1938 N. G. Exp


1938 N. G. Exp

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Alternative: 1938 New Guinea Expedition

Alternative: Archbold + Richardson, 1938-39 Irian Jaya Exp


Richardson, William Bebb.

American Museum of Natural History.
American Museum of Natural History.
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Mammalogy. Field Book Collection.
Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (1938-1939)
American Museum of Natural History Field Book Project 2015-




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Handwritten and typewritten notes collected in spring-clasped binder.

Specimen lists and notes for mammals collected during the 3rd Archbold Expedition to New Guinea between May 21, 1938 and May 8, 1939. Information includes specimen numbers and type, sex and measurements, locations and elevations, and general notes about collecting procedure. When noted, material was collected and prepared by other members of the party, including Richard Archbold and Richardson's assistant Marcus. Locations noted include Sentani Lake, Hollandia, Lake Habbema, the Baliem Valley, Mt. Wilhelmina and the Idenburg River. In addition to specimen catalogs, the compiled data in this volume also includes lists of specimens missing and not in the catalog. Richardson was an American mammalogist from California and mammalogist for the 3rd Archbold Expedition to New Guinea.

Field specimen numbers 4000 to 8042.


1938-1939) , Archbold Expedition to New Guinea , Description and travel , Field notes , Indonesia , Mammals , Papua , Papua (Indonesia) , Richardson, William Bebb , Scientific Expeditions , Travel

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.120830
OCLC: 959386324


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