William Boott and John Torrey correspondence, 1842
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William Boott and John Torrey correspondence, 1842

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Series: John Torrey papers ; series 1, correspondence.


Boott, William, 1805-1886




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Correspondence from William Boott to John Torrey, dated 1842, primarily discussing ferns. He begins by mentioning that his search, conducted with Dr. Jacob Bigelow, for a missing specimen of Onoclea obtucilobata has not been successful. Boott tells Torrey that he has recently received a box of specimens from Hooker, and goes on to discuss various species of fern and his opinions on them. He closes by mentioning a trip he will soon make to Europe, and entreating Torrey to continue writing to his brother Francis Boott. Other obsolete species mentioned include: Aspidium noveboracense, Aspidium dilatatum, Aspidium intermedium, Aspidium spinulosum, Aspidium thelypteris, Aspidium cristatum, Aspidium lancastriense, Aspidium filix-femina, Aspidium angustum, Aspidium aplenoides, Aspidium schweinitizii, Polypodium dryopteris, and Polypodium flexagonopterum [?].

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Aspidium , Asplenium montanum , Asplenium pinnatifidum , Athyrium filix-femina , Bigelow, Jacob, 1786-1879 , Boott, Francis, 1792-1863 , Boott, William 1805-1886 , Botanical specimens , Botrychium , Correspondence , Dryopteris , Gymnocarpium dryopteris , Hooker, William Jackson, Sir, 1785-1865 , Nephrodium lancastriense , Onoclea sensibilis , Osmunda claytoniana , Polystichum acrostichoides , Thelypteris confluens , Torrey, John, 1796-1873 , Woodsia ilvensis

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