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Asa Gray correspondence Senders Ca-Cl

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Contained In: Asa Gray correspondence files, 1820-1904

Series: Asa Gray Correspondence Project

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Available from Harvard University Botany Libraries


Gray, Asa, 1810-1888 , addressee
Carey, Samuel Thomas, 1800-1857 , correspondent
Caruel, Teodoro, 1830-1898 , correspondent
Carruthers, William, 1830-1922 , correspondent
Chapman, A. W. (Alvan Wentworth), 1809-1899 , correspondent
Chickering, J. W. (John White) 1831-1913 , correspondent
Cleveland, Daniel, 1838-1929 , correspondent
Cleaveland, Parker, 1780-1858 , correspondent
Clinton, George W. (George William), 1807-1885 , correspondent




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Consists of letters and postcards written to Asa Gray from 41 correspondents with surnames starting with the letters Ca-Cl, arranged alphabetically by sender. Correspondents are: P.H. Cabell, William Wirt Calkins, Douglas H. Campbell, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus de Candolle, Colbert Austin Canfield, Samuel Thomas Carey, Teodoro Carnel, James Harrison Carruth, William Carruthers, J. Carson, E.L. Case, Robert Caspary, Samuel Edson Cassino, Alexis Caswell, Ellen W. Cathcart, H. Catley, Vincenzo Cesati, Paul Ansel Chadbourne, Alvan Wentworth Chapman, J.W. Chapman, Étienne Charavay, Adolphe Chatin, F.W. Chatterton, Thomas Frederick Cheeseman, John White Chickering, Marshall Mead Chipman, Jacques Denys Choisy, James W. Christopher, Joseph R. Churchill, Henry J. Clark, Josephine A. Clark, William B. Clark, B. Clarke, C.C. Clarke, Cora H. Clarke, F.L. Clarke, G. Claybrooke, Edward Waller Claypole, Daniel Cleveland, Parker Cleaveland, and G.W. Clinton.


1810-1888 , Botanists , Correspondence , Gray, Asa,




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