Asa Gray correspondence.
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Asa Gray correspondence. Senders D

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Contained In: Asa Gray correspondence files, 1820-1904

Series: Asa Gray Correspondence Project.

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Available from Harvard University Botany Libraries


Danforth, Allen, , correspondent
Darwin, Francis, Sir, 1848-1925 , correspondent
Darwin, Sara, , correspondent
Davenport, Geo. E. (George Edward), 1833-1907 , correspondent
Dawson, J. W., (John William), 1820-1899 , correspondent
Deane, Walter, 1848-1930 , correspondent
Decaisne, Joseph, 1807-1882 , correspondent
Delessert, Benjamin, baron, 1773-1847 , correspondent
Demetrio, C. H. (Charles Hermann), 1845-1936 , correspondent
Dewey, Chester, 1784-1867 , correspondent
Duff, Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant, , correspondent
Duges, Alfred, , correspondent
Gray, Asa, 1810-1888 , addressee




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Consists of letters and postcards written to Asa Gray from 49 correspondents with surnames starting with the letter D, arranged alphabetically by sender. Correspondents are: William H. Dall, George Mifflin Dallas, Udo Dammer, James D. Dana, Richard Henry Dana, Allen Danforth, J. Darby, Sallie Painter Darlington, Sara Darwin, Francis Darwin, Charles Daubeny, George Edward Davenport, Charles A. Davis, Charles Henry Davis, Joseph Barnard Davis, William Boyd Dawkins, J. Dawson, John William Dawson, David Fisher Day, Charles Deane, Walter Deane, John Dearness, Joseph Decaisne, Benjamin Delessert, Frederico Delpino, Charles Hermann Demetrio, Daniel Dewar, Charles A. Dewey, Chester Dewey, Mr. Dingler, Epes Sargent, Dixwell, J.J. Dixwell, Sarah Matilda Lincecum Doran, Andrew Jackson Downing, John Francois Drege, G. Drikie, Oscar Drede, Constance G. Dubois, Jean Étienne Duby, Lord Ducie, William Russell Dudley, Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff, Alfred Duges, Phillipe Dunant, Elias Judah Durand, Theophile Durand, Dutton Bros., William Darlington, and Elie Magloire Durand.


1810-1888 , Botanists , Correspondence , Gray, Asa,




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