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Contained In: Asa Gray correspondence files, 1820-1904

Series: Asa Gray Correspondence Project

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Collection guide: Asa Gray correspondence files of the Gray Herbarium, 1820-1931. Harvard University Botany Libraries


Brandegee, Katharine Layne, 1844-1920 , correspondent
Cogniaux, Alfred, 1841-1916 , correspondent
Congdon, Joseph Whipple, 1834-1910 , correspondent
Cooper, J. G. (James Graham), 1830-1902 , correspondent
Cooper, Sarah Paxson, , correspondent
Cosson, E. (Ernest), 1819-1889 , correspondent
Coville, Frederick V. (Frederick Vernon) 1867-1937 , correspondent
Crépin, François, 1830-1903 , correspondent
Cusick, William C. (William Conklin), 1842-1922 , correspondent
Gray, Asa, 1810-1888 , addressee




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Consists of letters and postcards written to Asa Gray from 34 correspondents with surnames starting with the letters Co-Cu, arranged alphabetically by sender. Correspondents are: Nathan A. Cobb, Alfred Celestin Cogniaux, Joseph W. Colcord, Luigi Colla, James Franklin Collins, Albert Commons, Joseph Whipple Congdon, Richard Congreve, James Constanble, C.R. Conybeare, Edward William Cooke, Josiah Parsons Cooke, Grace Emily Cooley, Joseph Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson Coolidge, James Graham Cooper, Sarah Paxson Cooper, William Cooper, Louis Corbiere, Catherine Elizabet van Cortlandt, Ernest Cosson, Frederick Vernon Coville, Francis Whitemore Cragin, Moses Craig, Charles Cramer, Ithamar B. Crawe, Matthew A. Crawford, François Crépin, Hugh Cuming, Henry Cummings, Mary Katharine Curran (later Bradegee), Charles A. Curtis, William Conklin Cusick, and Mary S. Cutler.


1810-1888 , Botanists , Correspondence , Gray, Asa,




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