John Pierce Brace and John Torrey correspondence, 1821-1841


John Pierce Brace and John Torrey correspondence, 1821-1841

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Brace, John Pierce, 1793-1872




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Correspondence from John Pierce Brace to John Torrey, dated 1821-1841. In his first letter, Brace encourages Torrey to visit him in Litchfield, Connecticut the following month, for though there might not be much of interest in the way of botany in May, he believes Torrey will be entertained by the minerals of the area; he adds that Mrs. Brace hopes to "find you a very good wife here." Brace writes of a book he is writing on New England and New York plants. The second letter consists largely of an extensive list of North American and European plants of which Brace hopes to obtain specimens. By the date of the third letter, 1841, Brace has apparently let his botanical studies lapse, but announces "I wish again to take up botany." To that end he inquires as to how he might obtain copies of some current botanical works.

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Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History of New Yor , Botanical specimens , Brace, John Pierce, 1793-1872 , Candolle, Augustin Pyramus de, 1778-1841 , Correspondence , Europe , Hartford Female Seminary (Hartford, Conn.) , North America , Plants , Prodromus systematis naturalis regni vegetabilis , Torrey, John, 1796-1873

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