Samuel Botsford Buckley and John Torrey correspondence, 1838-1883
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Samuel Botsford Buckley and John Torrey correspondence, 1838-1883

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Series: John Torrey papers ; series 1, correspondence.


Buckley, S. B. (Samuel Botsford), 1809-1884




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Correspondence from Samuel Botsford Buckley to John Torrey, dated 1838-1883. Buckley's letters, full of colorful detail and news of mutual aquaintances as well as questions of botanical identification, come from numerous locations around the United States: Alabama, New York, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas, where Buckley ultimately settled. In Alabama Buckley collects plants-- he sends boxes to Torrey and hopes to sell others in Europe-- and digs for fossils, eventually unearthing the skeleton of a Basilosaurus (he calls it Zygodon) which proves to be more of a burden than a treasure. After over a year of trying to find a buyer for the skeleton he declares to Torrey, "I am heartily tired of the Zygodon." A miserable expedition to Florida to collect plants and other natural specimens is described in detail; after returning home and suffering bouts of recurring fever Buckley decides to give up his medical aspirations altogether as his financial situation has rendered his acquiring a trade unnecessary. Also included are four letters from Buckley to Benjamin Braman and Nathaniel Lord Britton of the Torrey Botanical Club, written in 1883 after Torrey's death, concerning a shipment of plants Buckley sent from Texas for the club's herbarium. Obsolete and unresolved plant and animal names include Hopea tinctoria, Saponaria vaccaria, and Zygodon (Owens).

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Barratt, Joseph, 1796-1882 , Basilosaurus , Botanical specimens , Boykinia , Braman, Benjamin , Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1934 , Buckley, S. B. (Samuel Botsford), 1809-1884 , Carey, John, 1797-1880 , Correspondence , Croomia , De Kay, James E. (James Ellsworth), 1792-1851 , Desmodium , Engelmann, George, 1809-1884 , Fisk, Wilbur, 1792-1839 , Fossils , Goldie, James, 1824-1912 , Gramineae , Justicia , Knieskern, Peter D., 1798-1871 , Melanthera , Poa , Quercus , Sartwell, H. P. (Henry Parker), 1792-1867 , Saxifraga , Shortia , Silliman, Benjamin, 1779-1864 , Symplocos tinctoria , Torrey, John, 1796-1873 , Vaccaria hispanica

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