Asa Gray correspondence.
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Asa Gray correspondence. Senders Ra-Ri

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Contained In: Asa Gray correspondence files, 1820-1904.

Series: Asa Gray Correspondence Project.

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Available from Harvard University Botany Libraries


Gray, Asa, 1810-1888 , addressee
Radlkofer, L. (Ludwig), 1829-1927 , correspondent
Rand, Edward L. (Edward Lothrop), 1859-1924 , correspondent
Rattan, Volney, 1840-1915 , correspondent
Ravenel, Henry William, 1814-1887 , correspondent
Redfield, John Howard, 1815-1895 , correspondent
Reeve, Lovell, 1814-1865 , correspondent
Regel, E. (Eduard), 1815-1892 , correspondent
Reichenbach, H. G. (Heinrich Gustav) 1824-1889 , correspondent
Reinsch, Paul Friedrich, 1836-1914 , correspondent
Reverchon, Julien, 1837-1905 , correspondent




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Consists of letters and postcards written to Asa Gray from 26 correspondents with surnames starting with the letters Ra-Ri, arranged alphabetically by sender. Correspondents are: Ludwig Adolph Timotheus Radlkofer, Edward Lothrop Rand, Edward Sprague Rand Jr., Andrew Randall, Volney Rattan, Lady Evelyn Balfour Rayleigh, Lord John William Strutt Rayleigh, Henry William Ravenel, T.A. Readwin, Pliny Ward Reasoner of Reasoner Brothers, Jhn Howard Redfield, Lovell Augustus Reeve, Eduard August von Regel, Jacques Reich, Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach, Paul Friedrich Reinsch, Julien Reverchon, Mary Collins Reynolds, William Jones Rhees, Emilia Gayangos de Riaño, Obadiah Rich, Franklin T. Richards, John Richardson, Tobias Gibson Richardson, Robert Ridgway, and Charles Valentine Riley.


1810-1888 , Botanists , Correspondence , Gray, Asa,




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