Catalog of specimens collected


Catalog of specimens collected


Beck, Rollo Howard, 1870-1950

American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Ornithology. Whitney South Sea Expeditions Collection.
Whitney South Sea Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1920-1941)




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Unbound typescript with one loose 4 x 6 index card.

Transcript of catalog of specimens collected between October 6, 1920 and December 12, 1921 as part of the Whitney South Sea Expedition, primarily in the Society Islands, Polynesia. These contain record of the earliest specimens gathered during this expedition and number 1 through 1500 included. Data also includes specimen name, sex and the date and location where it was collected. Handwritten index card summarizes dates and locations with reference to leader Rollo H. Beck and assistant Ernest H. Quayle. Beck was the leader of field research for the first eight years of the Whitney South Seas Expedition.

Includes specimens 1 through 1500.

During Beck's lifetime, he was considered the foremost collector in the field and was renowned for his ability to quickly prepare well-made studyskins for birds. He was a leader on the AMNH Brewster-Sanford Expedition (1912-1917) before joining Whitney South Seas Expedition.

Cataloged through a 2015 Leon Levy Foundation Archives grant.


(1920-1941) , 1870-1950 , 1891-1956 , Beck, Rollo Howard, , Birds , Description and travel , Field notes , France (Schooner) , Polynesia , Quayle, Ernest H., , Scientific Expeditions , Society Islands (French Polynesia) , Travel , Whitney South Sea Expedition of the American Museu

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.130209
OCLC: 953414166
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