Chronological summary and guide to Whitney Expedition journals


Chronological summary and guide to Whitney Expedition journals

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Alternative: Summary and guide to Whitney journals


Bryan, E. H. (Edwin Horace), 1898-1985

American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History. Department of Ornithology. Whitney South Sea Expeditions Collection.
Whitney South Sea Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History (1920-1941)




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[between 1923 and 1969]


Typescript sheets; in folder with a clasped binding, some items laid in.

Different typewritten iterations of Bryan's summarized itinerary of the Whitney South Sea Expedition. These itineraries give dates, locations, personnel and activities of the Expedition. Some are clipped into a folder binding, others are loosely laid in. Includes versions up to 1923, up to 1927, up to 1930 and 1932 and a 'final' version dated 1969 accompanied with a letter to Dean Amadon. Outline to the itinerary is also included in the folders. Bryan was associated with the Bishop Museum and participated briefly in the WSSE.

Edwin H. Bryan was an American naturalist who was affiliated with the Bishop Museum for most of his life. The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, has a central focus on the Hawaiian and surrounding Pacific Island cultures. AMNH had agreed not to collect any bird specimens from Hawaii during the Whitney South Sea expedition, and instead exchanged specimens with the Bishop Museum. Bryan joined the Whitney expedition in 1924 for 10 months as a representative of the Bishop. He was informed to not focus on collecting birds but rather on plant, insect and anthropological specimens. Bryan kept meticulous diaries during the over fifty expedition island visits. His original journals are housed in the Bishop Museum archives.

Cataloged through a 2015 Leon Levy Foundation Archives grant.


(1920-1941) , (Edwin Horace), , 1898-1985 , Bryan, E. H , Correspondence , Description and travel , Field notes , France (Schooner) , Melanesia , Micronesia , Oceania , Polynesia , Scientific Expeditions , Travel , Whitney South Sea Expedition of the American Museu

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5962/bhl.title.130876
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