Botanicum medicinale


Botanicum medicinale : an herbal of medicinal plants on the College of Physicians list : describing their places of growth, roots, bark, leaves, buds, time of flowering, blossoms, flowers, stiles, chives, embrio's, fruits, farina, colours, seeds, kernels, seed-vessels, parts used in medicine, preparations in the shops, medicinal virtues, names in nine languages : most beautifully engraved on 118 large folio copper-plates from the exquisite drawings of the late ingenious T. Sheldrake ; ... To which is now added, his tables for finding the heat and cold in all climates that exotic plants may be raised in summer and preserved in winter

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Alternative: Gardener's best companion in a green-house, or, Tables shewing the greatest heat and cold of all countries from which exotic plants are brought ...

Alternative: Herbal of medicinal plants on the College of Physicians list


Sheldrake, Timothy, 1770

Hemmerich, Cornelius Heinrich, , engraver
Basire, James, 1730-1802 , engraver
Basire, James, 1769-1822 , engraver
Millan, John, 1782 , bookseller




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London, Printed for J. Millan, opposite the Admiralty, Whitehall, [1768?]


"English plants are drawn from nature to the greatest accuracy, flowers, or parts, too small to be distinguished, are magnified ..."

"Designed to promote botanical knowledge, prevent mistakes in the use of simples in compounding and preparing medicines, to illustrate and render such herbals as want the just representations in their proper figures and colours more useful. Necessary to such as practice physic, pharmacy, chemistry, &c., entertaining to the curious, the divine and philosopher, in contemplating these wonderful productions, useful to painters, herbals, carver, designers, gardeners, &c. ..."

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Plates arranged alphabetically in order of English names, numbered 1-73, 73*, 74-117; drawn by Sheldrake and engraved by C.H. Hemerich, J. Basire, and J. Basire, Junr.

English short title catalogue, | T81691

Henrey, B. British botanical and horticultural literature before 1800, | 1313


Botany, Medical , Early works to 1800 , Herbals , Identification , Medicinal plants

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