A.J. Downing and John Torrey correspondence, 1833-1847


A.J. Downing and John Torrey correspondence, 1833-1847

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Downing, A. J. (Andrew Jackson), 1815-1852




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Correspondence from A.J. Downing to John Torrey, dated 1833-1847. In his first letter, dated 1833, Downing expresses his delight at "the commencement of a correspondence" with Torrey, and a lively exchange of specimens, seeds, publications, and ideas-- debates on taxonomy and methods of propagation-- follows. Downing sends Torrey plants from his Newburgh nursery; Torrey reciprocates with roots, seeds, and whole plants from as far away as North Carolina and Florida. Downing also regularly includes plants and flowers meant for Torrey's wife. By 1842, with Torrey in Princeton and Gray in Cambridge, Downing laments that all his "botanical acquaintances" have left New York City-- "What a scientific desert!" he says. A few more letters appear in 1847-- though Downing maintains that "Princeton is the Southern Antarctic to me," he writes again to ask Torrey to analyze a soil sample, and catch up on their respective work and publications. Obsolete plant names mentioned include Euphorbia poinsettii, Magnolia cordata, Nelumbium luteum, and Sarracenia heterophylla.

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