Jane Loring Gray and John Torrey correspondence, 1849-1850
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Jane Loring Gray and John Torrey correspondence, 1849-1850

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Series: John Torrey papers ; series 1, correspondence.


Gray, Jane Loring, 1821-1909




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Correspondence from Jane Loring Gray to John Torrey, dated 1849-1850. In the first letter, probably written from Cambridge, Massachusetts and likely dated 1849, Gray thanks Torrey for a gift of Seckel pears. The second and third letters, both dated 1850, are both written from Pontrilas House in Herefordshire, England, where the Grays are settled in for work after a whirlwind tour of the Continent. Jane Gray's letter dated October 4, after noting that a plant shipment from Torrey has not yet arrived, gives detailed descriptions of her and Asa's visit to Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Germany, and finally London. In the third letter, dated October 14, Gray notes that the missing shipment has finally arrived.

In English.


Bentham, George, 1800-1884 , Blume, C. L. (Carl Ludwig), 1796-1862 , Boott, Francis, 1792-1863 , Botanical specimens , Correspondence , Curtis, M. A. (Moses Ashley), 1808-1872 , Eriogonum , Gray, Asa, 1810-1888 , Gray, Jane Loring, 1821-1909 , Hooker, William Jackson, Sir, 1785-1865 , Martius, Karl Friedrich Philipp von, 1794-1868 , Sullivant, William Starling, 1803-1873 , Torrey, John, 1796-1873 , Tuckerman, Edward, 1817-1886 , Wright, Charles, 1811-1885

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