Lewis Reeves Gibbes and John Torrey correspondence, 1838-1854


Lewis Reeves Gibbes and John Torrey correspondence, 1838-1854

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Gibbes, Lewis Reeves, 1810-1894




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Correspondence from Louis Reeves Gibbes to John Torrey, dated 1838-1854. The correspondence begins with Gibbes acknowledging receipt of the prospectus for Torrey's Flora of North America; he wastes no time in recruiting subscribers to the work from among his extensive network of scientific contacts in the South. Like many of Torrey's correspondents, Gibbes notes the (often very) long gaps between his letters; in 1844 he writes that he has not heard from Torrey in over three years, and wonders "Is it possible that I have given any offense?" Gibbes is frequently occupied with questions regarding the genus Rhus, to the irritation of Asa Gray. His letters from 1852 and 1853 are largely concerned with the episode of the mysterious Swedish botanist J.H. (or possibly I.H.) Lundgren, who Torrey befriended and Charles Wilkins Short agreed to sponsor on a plant collecting expedition in the Carolina mountains. After drawing funds from several sources, including Torrey and Gibbes, Lundgren disappeared. Though a box of plants-- in bad shape-- eventually arrived from Lundgren, Gibbes wrote to Torrey in February of 1853, "I have slowly but certainly come to the same conclusion as yourself, that Lundgren has deceived us." Obsolete plant names mentioned include Asclepias parviflora, Aster mirabilis, Cerasus pennsylvanica, Pogostemon patchouli, Schweinitzia.

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