Illustrations of insects created for the Magasin de zoologie


Illustrations of insects created for the Magasin de zoologie original art and engravings

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Alternative: Mag. de zoologie ... Insectes


Annedouche, Alfred Joseph, 1833-1922 , engraver
Annedouche, Alfred Joseph, 1833-1922 , engraver
Bourgeois, Ct. (Constant), 1767-1841 , illustrator
Burmeister, Hermann, 1807-1892 , illustrator
Davesne, 19th cent- , illustrator
Delarue, Jean, active 1838-1846 , illustrator
Delarue, Jean, active 1838-1846 , illustrator
Guérin-Méneville, F.-É. (Félix-Édouard), 1799-1874 , illustrator
Noiret, Adolphe Philippe, , illustrator
Percheron, A. (Achille), 1797-1869 , illustrator
Prêtre, Jean Gabriel, , illustrator
Rémond, N. , printer of plates
Romand, Balthasar E. de, , illustrator
Rondani, Camilo, 1807-1879 , illustrator
Schiødte, J. C. (Jørgen Matthias Christian), 1815-1884 , illustrator
Sébin, active mid-19th century- , illustrator
Spinola, Maximilian, 1780-1857 , illustrator
Vander Haeven, fl 1838- , illustrator
Westwood, J. O. (John Obadiah), 1805-1893 , illustrator




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The collection was created by someone closely associated with the production of the Magasin, most likely F.-E. Guérin-Méneville, who was the editor (and also an illustrator) for the publication.

Some of the drawings are signed and/or have brief ms. notes in French.

The plates are engraved by Annedouche and printed by N. Rémond. Various artists are credited for the illustrations, including Guérin-Méneville, Bourgeois jeune, Burmeister, Davesne, De Romand, Delarue, Noiret, A. Percheron, Prêtre, C. Rondani, Schiodte, Sébin, Spinola (also Spinola fils), Vander Haeven, and Westwood.

The engraved plates and their accompanying drawings (when present) are generally stapled together in groups of two or three. For example, a group might include the hand-colored version of an engraving, the uncolored version of the same engraving, and the original hand-colored drawing(s) upon which the engraving is based.

Engravings and drawings included in this collection: Colored engravings numbered 1, 3-16, 46-49, 55, 57-59, 64, 80-95, 98, 100-101; uncolored engravings numbered 1, 3-15, 49, 55, 60-61, 65, 76-97, 99-106 (duplicates are present for the following uncolored engravings: 77-79, 99, 103-106); original drawings for plates 3-4, 6-10, 12-15, 17-120, 55, 60-61, 64, 80, 82-85, 91, 93-97, and 106. Multiple versions of the original illustrations are included for nos. 7 (2 versions), 8 (2 versions), 13 (2 versions), 17 (2 versions), 18 (3 versions), 19 (2 versions), 97 (2 versions), and 106 (2 versions).

Some of the drawings are done on bits of scrap paper bearing printed or manuscript text (e.g., a handwritten cover sheet addressed to Guérin at Paris, postmarked Versailles, 1 avril 1839, is stapled to one of the drawings for plate 7).

A few ms. annotations dating to the 1930s by entomologist Herbert Spencer Barber appear on some of the plates and drawings.

A collection of engravings and original drawings in pencil and ink that were created as illustrations for the "Insectes" portion of the Magasin de zoologie (published at Paris by Arthus Bertrand, 1839-1845). | The drawings apparently provided the basis for the engravings (a "note au graveur" is handwritten on the drawing for plate 9). Many of the engravings, and all of the drawings, are hand-colored, and probably served as examples to guide the work of the colorists.


Insects , Pictorial works

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