James Eights, 1798-1882 :
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James Eights, 1798-1882 : Antarctic explorer, Albany naturalist, his life, his times, his work

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Series: New York State Museum bulletin, no. 505.


McKinley, Daniel.

New York State Museum.




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Albany, N.Y. :University of the State of New York, State Education Dept.,2005.


Contents: 1. Why bother about James Eights? ; The Eights family ; Dr. Jonathan Eights -- 2. James Eights finds his legs: from birth to the Erie Canal years -- 3. The young naturalist: from Albany to the City of New York -- 4. James Eights in the Antarctic, getting started, 1828-1829 -- 5. James Eights in the Antarctic: the southward trip, 1829 -- 6. James Eights in the Antarctic: farthest south, 1830 -- 7. James Eights: Chile and the return from the south -- 8. Southern and Antarctic plants of James Eights -- 9. Southern and Antarctic biology: mollusks -- 10. Antarctic biology: crustacea -- Brongniartia: Sphaeroma: Glyptonotus -- 11. Who wanted to see a ten-legged sea-spider? James Eights's strange Pycnogonid, Decolopoda australis -- 12. Eights in Albany: the Zodiac years, 1830-1836 -- (I): "The Naturalist's Every Day Book" -- 13. Eights in Albany: the later Zodiac years, 1830-1836 -- (II): pedestrian, geologist, entomologist, historian -- 14. The New York Natural History Survey, 1836 -- 15. The great South Sea bubble -- 16. Remonstrances, reactions ,and the 1840s -- 17. Albany in the early 1850s -- 18. The 1850s: the gold fields of North Carolina -- 19. The 1850s: James Eights as an artist -- 20. Catalogue of the drawings of James Eights -- 21. Eights in Panamá and Texas? the end of the 1850s -- 22. James Eights in the 1860s -- 23. Pinksterfest, Pennsylvania coal: the end to the 1860s -- 24. James Eights: the decline, 1870-1900 -- 25. The road back: 1900 to 1920 -- 26. Twentieth century: the 1920s and early 1930s -- 27. Fame claims James Eights, 1933-1960 -- 28. James Eights: the end of a second century -- 29. James Eights as others saw him: the portraits with an appendix on Ebenezer Emmons Jr. -- 30. James Eights: published and manuscript works -- 31. James Eights, a bibliography of cited and consulted works.

Presents a synopsis of the life and times of a little-known but respected 19th century scientist from Albany, NY. Diverse in various fields of natural history, James Eights explored extensively in New York and participated in forays ranging from Antarctica to Chile, Panama, Mexico, and possibly the American Southwest. Many of the biological and geological specimens he collected were donated to the State Museum. By gathering information from a myriad of sources, author Daniel McKinley brings to life Eights' professional career and emphasizes the theory that Eights' contributions to science have been underestimated and misunderstood.


1798-1882 , Biography , Eights, James, , Naturalists , United States

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