Reports on the noxious, beneficial and other insects, of the state of New York.
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Reports on the noxious, beneficial and other insects, of the state of New York. Made to the State agricultural society, pursuant to an annual appropriation for this purpose from the legislature of the state.

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Related/Analytical: Noxious, beneficial and other insects, of the state of New York.


Fitch, Asa, 1809-1879

Say, Thomas, 1787-1834
Comstock, Anna Botsford, 1854-1930
New York State Agricultural Society.




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Albany,C. Van Benthuysen, printer [etc.]1856-67.


The Fitch reports are fourteen in number. They were published in the Transactions of the New York state agricultural society as follows: First. Trans., v. 14, 1854, pub. 1855. Second. Trans., v. 15, 1855, pub. 1856. Third. Trans., v. 16, 1856, pub. 1856. Fourth. Trans., v. 17, 1857, pub. 1858. Fifth. Trans., v. 18, 1858, pub. 1859. Sixth. Trans., v. 20, 1860, pub. 1861. Sixth. In Assem. doc., 1861, v. 8: 139. Seventh. In Assem. doc., 1862, v. 10: 252. Eighth. In Assem. doc., 1863, v. 9: 234. Ninth. In Assem. doc., 1864, v. 12: 203. Tenth. In Assem. doc., 1965, v. 10: 203. Eleventh. In Assem. doc., 1967, v. 17: 243. Twelfth. In Assem. doc., 1868, v. 15, pt. 2: 163. Thirteenth. In Assem. doc., 1870, v. 12: 211. Fourteenth. In Assem. doc., 1871, v. 8: 103.

These reports with the exception of the 12th, 13th and 14th, were also issued separately: First report ... Albany, C. Van Benthuysen, printer, 1855. 180 p. (Not in L. C.) First and second reports ... Albany, C. Van Benthuysen, printer, 1856. 1 p. l., 336 p. illus., 4 pl. Third, fourth, and fifth reports ... Albany, C. Van Benthuysen, printer, 1859. Separately paged. illus., plates. (Not in L. C.) Sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth reports ... Albany, Van Benthuysen's steam printing house, 1865. 259, [1] p. illus., 4 pl. [Ninth] Report of Dr. Fitch on the noxious and other insects, detrimental to agriculture, also an address, delivered before the New York state agricultural society. Albany, C. Wendell, printer, 1865. 56 p. illus., pl. (See separate entry) Tenth and eleventh reports ... Albany, Van Benthuysen & sons' steam printing house, 1867. 1 p. l., 90 p. illus.

Appended to the 4th report is a reproduction of a rare tract: "Descriptions of new species of heteropterous Hemiptera of North America, by Thomas Say. New Harmony, Indiana. December, 1831." Of this publication only two copies were known to be extant; it was here republished from a transcript made for Dr. Fitch from one of these copies.

Entomological reports were resumed in 1882 by the state entomologist.


Beneficial insects , Insect pests , Insects , New York (State)

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