Abraham Halsey and John Torrey correspondence, 1825-1836


Abraham Halsey and John Torrey correspondence, 1825-1836

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Halsey, Abraham, 1790-1857




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Correspondence from Abraham Halsey to John Torrey, dated 1825-1836. In his first letter, dated April 16, 1825, Halsey describes a very agreeable discussion he had with Louis Schweinitz and his collection of carices, and his plans for some geological specimens. In the second, dated March 18, 1826, he tells Torrey that for the past year he has been engaged in the study of insects, and now has a catalog of coleoptera; he also makes cryptic reference to an "office" he is interested in and hopes Torrey might help him obtain. In his third letter, dated April 8, 1836, Halsey again refers to his coleoptera catalog-- which, though not ready for publication, Torrey might wish to present to the Lyceum-- as well as a catalog of lepidoptera, and his plans for a general survey of the insects of New York.

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Allaire, James P. (James Peter), 1785-1858 , Beetles , Butterflies of New-York , Carex , Compendium of the flora of the northern and middle , Cooper, William, 1798?-1864 , Correspondence , Halsey, Abraham, 1790-1857 , Harris, Thaddeus William, 1795-1856 , Lepidoptera , Nees von Esenbeck, C. G. (Christian Gottfried), 17 , New York (State) , Schweinitz, Lewis David von, 1780-1834 , Torrey, John, 1796-1873

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