William Gilson Farlow miscellaneous specimen lists


William Gilson Farlow miscellaneous specimen lists : collectors T-Z

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Contained In: Papers of William Gilson Farlow

Series: Biodiversity Heritage Library Field Notes Project

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Farlow, W. G. (William Gilson), 1844-1919 , author

Townsend, Charles Wendell, 1859-1934 , author
Trelease, William, 1857-1945 , author
Vroom, James, 1846-1932 , author
Waghorne, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles), 1851-1900 , author
Weber-Van Bosse, A. (Anna), 1852-1942 , author
Welles, Edmund, , author
Wolle, Francis, 1817-1893 , author
Wright, E. Perceval (Edward Perceval), 1834-1910 , author
Yatabe, Ryōkichi. 矢田部良吉 1851-1899 , author
Yatabe, Ryōkichi. 矢田部良吉 1851-1899 , author
Zahlbruckner, Alexander, 1860-1938 , author




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A few of the lists are undated.

Lists of fungi, bryophytes, lichens, and/or algae specimens chiefly collected by various individuals and sent to William Gilson Farlow for his herbarium. Some of the lists are for specimens sent to other individuals. Some of the lists include correspondence to or from Farlow as well as plant determinations. The lists are organized by sender/recipient whose names start with the letters T-Z: Charles Wendell Townsend, William Trelease, James Vroom, Arthur Charles Waghorne, Anna Antoinette Weber van Bosse, Edmund Welles, Francis Wolle, Edward Percival Wright, Ryokichi Yatabe, and Alexander Zahlbrukner.


(William Gilson), , 1844-1919 , Algae , Bryophytes , Cryptogams , Farlow, W. G , Fungi , Herbarium , Lichens

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